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Telecoms for Hotels.

In room Wifi for Hotels.

Having room-to-room wifi access has become standard in many hotels. Make sure your wifi system is up to date! Commsplus can offer bespoke Samsung wifi solutions that are built to cater for the needs of the new mobile generation.


We have worked closely with hotels for over 20 years and have always strived to provide the best wifi connectivity at the lowest cost.


Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to match the needs of you, the hotelier. With the latest Samsung WLAN technology, our engineers can survey and install Wireless Access Points (APs) across the hotel.


This means that your guests are able to connect to the same network no matter where in the hotel they are.


Another benefit of our WLAN solution is its flexibility. Whether you have 30 or 300 rooms, the Samsung Enterprise Grade WLAN technology allows for coverage of vast areas due to its high powered APs.

Not only can we supply fast in-room wifi to all guests, but, with Air Angel technology, you are able to customise your landing page to promote your business to guests. Air Angel also allows you to capture login email addresses for marketing purposes.


Air Angel also gives you the ability to monitor and control the bandwidth used by your guests.


With our advanced WLAN solutions, we can tether your telephone system to your internet allowing staff members such as maintenance crew and night porters to carry a cordless IP handsets in case they need to be contacted.


With our wifi solution, your hotel is able to provide the best possible connectivity for both guests and staff.


Telephone Systems for Hotels.

We offer bespoke telecom solutions to hotels across the UK. As a Samsung Platinum Partner, we deal with the latest in Samsung Telecommunications technology.


We are able to design and tailor a bespoke solution to fit your needs. With full scalability, whether you have 2 phones or 50, we can offer a solution with a competitive price.


Our Samsung OfficeServ telephone systems are the latest in telecoms technology, delivering the highest quality voice calls.


Our bespoke solutions allow for express check in, in-Advance deposits for room and telephone usage and room / maid status indication.


Designed especially for hoteliers, our hotel telephone systems are very efficient and require minimal training. Staff are able to manage calls, divert call traffic and hold calls at the push of a button, meaning overall administration efficiency is improved.

Some of the key features of our Samsung OfficeServ Telephone Systems include:


A fully-integrated messaging system that gives full voicemail facilities for all rooms, with all messages and settings being cleared from the system when a guest checks out.


Synchronised check in and check out with guest name and pre-pay facilities for accommodation and extras, as well as phone charges.


Customer-controlled or system-controlled wake up calls.


Ability to set message indication on room phones.


Clearing of all customer-set extension facilities on check out, including wake-up calls, call forwards, guest name and so on.


Room-to-room dialling can be allowed or barred on an individual room basis.

Ability to set room status whilst actually in the room - for example, 'requires cleaning', 'ready for occupancy' or 'maintenance required'.

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