Unbox  Your  Phone

Enhance Your Security

With the latest iris scanning technology, the S8 and S8+ is foolproof. The scan technology reads the iris of the user and unlocks the phone. No two irises are the same and they are almost impossible to replicate - Your phone has never been so secure.

Performance, like never before.

The latest 10nm processor means that the S8 has superior performance. Accompanied by a IP68-rated shell, it is robust, splash proof, water resistant, and - above all - fast.

Beauty. In every shot.

With 4K video and a 12MP camera, your shots can be beautiful, whatever the setting. The f/1.7 lens means that low light photography has never been so easy.

Edge to edge perfection.

The uninterrupted end-to-end glass display takes up the entire front of the phone. Flowing seamlessly into the precisely engineered aluminium outer shell allowing for a strong, robust and gorgeous build.

Bixby - Ready when you are

The newest, smartest personal assistant.


Bixby uses voice, text, tap and visuals to aid you in any way you desire. Need a hand? Just ask. Bixby is able to interpret images straight from the camera, the most complex voice commands and tap signals. He is smart, he is yours.

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