Samsung IP SMT-i6021 Handset

Expansion of Devices

Wifi & Bluetooth

Real HD Voice

Backlit 3.2" LCD

SMT-i Range

by Samsung

Key Features...

Wired or wireless, the SMT-i range of IP desk phones from Samsung is a powerful and intuitive business phone that integrates the desk phone into a users mobile world.

Supports wired and wireless networks.


Depending on the usage environment, it can connect to both wired and wireless networks can be connected. This wireless deskphone can be used in offices where wiring is difficult or the layout frequently changes.

Samsung SMT-i6021 IP Handset


The SMT-i range of Samsung handset have been ergonomically designed to look and feel amazing. These handsets are made to fit modern day life.

Innovative Ergonomic Design


The receiver detachment is designed with user convenience in mind. In addition, the function keys are grouped next to the receiver for greater ease of use - making this handset one of the most intuitive and simple to use deskphones on the market.

Samsung SMT-i6021 IP Handset


High-resolution LCD

The built-in 384 x 160 high-resolution LCD provides a vivid display. The intuitive GUI offers a more elegant user experience.

Up to 24 Reprogrammable Buttons


With the SMT-i range by Samsung, you have up to 24 reprogrammable function keys. These keys come with built in Busy Lamp Fields and give you easy access to functions such as:



Push button extension calling

Line management

Do-not-disturb mode

Speed dial

Interworking with smartphones


Smartphones can be used to search for and send phone numbers, and then the desk phone can be used to make the call.


In addition, calls can be freely transferred between a smartphone and the desk phone while the call is in progress using the “Call Move”.

Samsung SMT-i6021 IP Handset
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