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Telecoms for Sporting Venues.

Wifi for Sporting Venues.

Our bespoke Samsung OfficeServ telephone systems are the latest in telecommunication technology.


Commsplus can offer you a tailored solution at a competitive price. As a Samsung Platinum Partner, Commsplus offer both the latest telephone systems as well as the latest Samsung handsets.


Our years of experience mean that we can tailor our bespoke system to meet your needs and improve the efficiency of your business.


Once we have a solution that fits you, we can install it in a time frame that suits your needs. Our skilled engineers are quick and thorough at installing these systems and will ensure minimal disruption to guests and staff.

Along with a bespoke solution, we can supply a range of telephony applications. This includes, call recording and call monitoring.


Our solutions are very flexible, making it easy for staff to control calls and handle incoming and outgoing traffic.


Not only can we provide a bespoke telephony solution, but we can provide a 'seasonal' service.


This means that we are able to 'turn-off' certain channels during the off season months and then turn it back on again when the season starts. This helps reduce unnecessary costs.

Telephone Systems for Sporting Venues.

With often thousands of guests attending a single event, good wifi coverage is vital. It can be tricky to provide a reliable and stable connection to so many people simultaneously, but Commsplus can help.


We will work closely with you, every step of the way to tailor a wifi solution to suit your requirements.


With advanced heat mapping, we can see what areas of your venue require coverage and from there, we are able to work out the most effective places to position our access points.


We use Samsung WLAN technology and Samsung Access Points (APs) to get you connected. Along with regular APs, we can install high-density APs to help deal with a high volume of traffic if necessary.

Our engineers are able to install several access points in strategic places across the site, covering the whole ground and maximising the efficiency of each AP.


With Air Angel, you can set up a custom landing page for fans connecting to the wifi network. You can also capture email addresses for marketing purposes.


Not only does Air Angel aid with marketing, but it also provides you with the ability to distribute the bandwidth fairly. For example, you can control the amount of bandwidth per device to ensure everyone has the same connection speed.


Our engineers are always on hand to help if any issue should occur.  With an in-house support team and remote engineers.


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