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Facts about fibre.

Super fast fibre is being rolled out to homes and businesses across the UK.

Fibre could increase your broadband speed by up to 250%.

Fibre broadband is becoming an increasingly viable solution for rural areas.

90% of UK homes already have a fibre cabinet.

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Fibre Broadband from Commsplus

How does it work?

The UK has a large network of fibre-ready cabinets. As you can see from the diagram above, these cabinets have fibre optic cables running directly from the exchange to allow a faster and more stable internet connection. Each cabinet then uses a copper cable connection to link multiple premises to the exchange.


Fibre broadband is being steadily rolled out across the country with a  good proportion of green street cabinets (exchange cabinets) now converted to fibre.

Benefits of fibre broadband

Fibre is becoming more readily available


Speeds of up to 80mpbs download


More reliable than traditional ADSL connections


Up to 20mpbs download speed


With Commsplus, you get a competitive price for fibre connectivity.

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