Are Samsung pulling out of the PBX market?

Many of our clients may be aware of claims that Samsung is exiting the PBX market and pulling their support for Samsung PBXs.

This claim is untrue. Samsung are not pulling their telephone systems out of the PBX market.

There has been no official announcement from Samsung UK or any of their wholesale partners.

Commsplus will continue to provide both new and existing customers with the same great quality Samsung products - including spares, repairs maintenance as normal.

As a Samsung Platinum partner, all of our engineers are highly trained and their expertise enable us to provide the same level of service, after-care, replacement parts, handsets and support that our customers have come to know and expect.

If you’re not a Commsplus customer, you still don’t need to worry. We’re able to provide maintenance and support for both new and legacy Samsung PBXs. Just get in touch,

Samsung Officeserv telephone systems

But I heard that Samsung are stopping PBXs?

It’s a common misconception that Samsung are stopping the manufacturing and production of telephone systems. This mistaken belief may come from an end-of-life announcement relating specifically to Samsung’s digital (non-IP) handset range.

This is not an uncommon move for telecom manufacturers, as the world moves towards an IP-based telephony network.

Most Samsung systems are able to support IP handsets, which means that if you were looking to move to an IP system, chances are there is minimal cost involved (you can get in touch if this is something you’re interested in).

Samsung end-of-life FAQ:

Samsung, nor their wholesale partners have released an official announcement that they are pulling out of the PBX market.

Yes. If you are a Commsplus customer, you system will be supported by us - and we’re not going anywhere. If you’re not a Commsplus customer, then give us a call. Our team will be able to go through options with you including, a maintenance contract or ad-hoc Samsung PBX support.

We can still maintain your Samsung telephone system. We have an in-house support team, a large reserve of spare parts and, as a Samsung platinum partner, extensive knowledge of the Samsung PBX rage.

Nope. Your digital handsets will keep working, but when the time comes to upgrade, we would recommend moving to IP, as your system may well be IP-ready.

Most Samsung telephone systems are either IP-ready, or can be configured to work with IP phones. So you can move to IP without the expense of a complete new system.

If you’re a Commsplus customer, you don’t need to worry about such an event. With our maintenance, you’re always covered by us - even if there was an announcement in the future. We stock enough spares and repairs to look after our clients for the foreseeable future.