Taunton Rugby Club

Sponsored by Commsplus.

How it began.

A partnership since 2011.

Back in 2011 Commsplus Managing Director, Steve Collard, was looking for marketing opportunities in Somerset. By pure coincidence, a few days later, a friend of his, Jack Matthews, came to Steve with a proposition: a sponsorship deal at Taunton Rugby Club.

After a lot of discussion, Steve decided to join the sponsors of Taunton as a 'bronze sponsor' and so the relationship between Commsplus and Taunton Rugby Club began...

Ramping up.

Becoming the title partner.

After a few years as bronze sponsor, Commsplus decided to become the title partner for Taunton Rugby Club. Steve made the decision to become the club's top sponsor when he saw the good that Taunton Rugby Club were doing for the youth teams and how well their first team, the Taunton Titans, performed.

Our partnership.

Supporting the club.

Since 2011, Commsplus has continued their support of Taunton Rugby Club and the community around the club. We've always had an invested interest in the Somerset community and by partnering with Taunton Rugby Club, we have been able to help support local sporting endeavours for both junior and professional rugby.

Commsplus Stadium.

Renaming Taunton Rugby Club.

In October 2017, Commsplus signed a deal with Taunton Rugby Club to become the ground naming partner. This deal saw the grounds at Hyde Park officially renamed to the 'Commsplus Stadium'.

With the addition of a digital scoreboard, a video platform, new gym equipment and of course, the 'Commsplus Bar', the stadium is a fantastic example of what a local partnership can achieve.

The future.

What's in store?

We're so proud to be the title partner of Taunton Rugby Club. Whether it's supporting the Taunton Titans with a match day sponsorship, sponsoring players or installing a new telephone system; we love working with Taunton Rugby Club.

Our relationship has grown considerably since 2011 and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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