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RPI Pricing Increase: Effective 1st April 2024

We reluctantly give notice of price increases across certain products, as a result of the continued inflationary pressures that are impacting our supply costs.

Despite inflationary pressures, we have focused hard to minimise price increases against current/core and next-generation products, including Evonex, TEAMs Direct Routing, 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet connections, FTTP and SoGEA and have absorbed some costs to keep these rises below RPI at 4.9%.

Unfortunately, our suppliers are applying higher increases when a product is considered as legacy, with some of our suppliers increasing our costs by 20%. Once again, we have absorbed as much of our supplier increases as possible, however, we find ourselves needing to apply price increases on the remaining products of between 8.9% and 15%.

Due to market pressures an increase of 20% is being levied against our older legacy PBX maintenance products. These products are becoming harder to maintain and, in many cases, manufacturers have left the UK, with parts now at a premium to source and purchase.

Ultimately, as the majority of these older PBX products are reaching end of life, we encourage you to speak to your Account Manager about migrating to our next-generation Hosted Cloud telephony product: Evonex Connect.

We do fully understand that any price increase is never welcome, especially in the current climate and please be assured, we have no option but to pass these on.

Therefore, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, we are adjusting the price of next-generation products as detailed above by 4.9% and are passing supplier costs/RPI rises through on the remaining products of 8.9%, 15% and 20%, again as detailed above.

Please note if you pay monthly for your mobile handsets or hardware, these will NOT be included in the RPI adjustment.You’ll see the change on your April 2024 bill, and you can keep track of all your bills and Commsplus services via  your customer portal.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager via 01934 882200 should you wish to discuss any aspect of this communication in more detail.