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Machine 2 Machine

Real time IoT data SIMs.

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What is Machine 2 Machine?

Machine 2 Machine is a form of network connectivity that allows you to relay data over a mobile network. It allows the end user to access vital information from remote machines in real time.

Save money with IoT.

Machine 2 Machine can improve the efficiency of your business and dramatically decrease your running costs. By having your machines M2M enabled, Commsplus Mobile can create a connectivity solution that meets your specific needs.

How Machine 2 Machine works.

Machine 2 Machine uses the Internet of things (IoT) to transfer real time data.

Innovative. Imaginative. Ingenious.

M2M works by transferring data over a 4G network (similar to browsing the internet on your phone). As 4G becomes more available and the coverage increases, M2M is expanding and developing. With countless applications and the ability to customise your solution, M2M SIMs enable a streamlined work flow for any business. By reducing running costs and saving time, you can use machine 2 machine to create a more cost effective business scenario.

With a Commsplus Mobile M2M SIM Solution, you can connect your equipment to your customer portal with ease. We will work with you to ensure you get the best connection and the best price - a tailor made solution to ensure your business is as cost effective as possible.

Machine 2 Machine IoT diagram
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Implementing M2M.

Machine 2 Machine and IoT has many applications.


One of the many applications of M2M SIMs is security. In 2016, it was reported that there was between 4 million to 5.9 million CCTV Cameras being operated in the UK alone. And a huge number of them are being monitored and managed wirelessly over the internet.

These CCTV Cameras are increasingly using M2M SIM cards to transfer the data. For a security company, managing their cameras wirelessly is a vital part of CCTV operation. Another example of the implementation of M2M in the security industry is central door locking. Many businesses use central locking in their offices to ensure that their premises are safe. Using M2M, you can remotely monitor these systems in real time.

Another example of the implementation of M2M in the security industry is central door locking. Many businesses use central locking in their offices to ensure that their premises are safe. Using M2M, you can remotely monitor these systems in real time.


The automotive industry is one of the most competitive markets out there. Driving down costs and improving efficiency is vital to sustain a healthy business. Commsplus Mobile can offer M2M SIMs for automotive businesses looking to keep their costs down and streamline their operation.

Fleet management is a key example of M2M. Businesses with a fleet of cars or vans may want to remotely monitor and track their workforce, as well as being able to monitor their coverage and hours. With Commsplus Mobile, you know that the SIMs provided will be affordable and effective in getting that data to the end user.

Another example of automotive M2M is black box telematics. By using a Commsplus Mobile M2M SIM, you can monitor your clients in real time with a reliable connection.


One of the biggest opportunities for M2M technology is in the healthcare sector. For example, doctors and nurses using M2M enabled mobile devices such as tablets are able to monitor their patients vitals from anywhere. M2M enabled machines can also be used to administer additional care to the patients remotely if needed.

Another example of the implementation of M2M in the healthcare sector is for taking care of the elderly at home. With a Commsplus Mobile M2M SIM, you can monitor patients in the home environment, particularly those who are vulnerable. This can all be done in real time to ensure their safety and well being.


POS systems are becoming more and more mobile. With mobile phones implementing applications such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, it is becoming a popular method of payment. M2M payment systems are ideal for businesses looking for mobile card terminals without having a telephone line.

Customers can use a credit or debit card and a POS system to pay from anywhere on the premises - an ideal solution for restaurants and cafés. As well as being one of the most flexible and fast growing payment systems, M2M POS minimises the potential for fraudulent payments and will help streamline your business operation.


Using M2M, businesses can track the GPS location of their machines. With many businesses sporting a sizable workforce or engineers or sales reps, using M2M can be a very cost effective way of tracking their location. M2M tracking uses the GPS data from the device and transfers it over the cellular data to the end user who can see where the device is located. This means that a head office can monitor the routes and miles of their drivers as well as the number of stops and the time spent driving.

Tracking can also be used to track machines and equipment that a business has stationed away from their office. For example, Prolectic use Commsplus Mobile's M2M SIM solution to remotely monitor the location of their solar powered lighting towers in real time. You can learn more about the M2M solution that Prolectirc use by visiting the case study below.

Smart Metering

Smart metering is a growing market, with more and more homes using a smart meter. Smart metering is a way of measuring statistics and data of equipment such as gas meters and electric grid meters. This data is recoded and transferred wirelessly over a 4G cellular connection to an end user, who can view it in real time.

The possibilities with smart metering are endless, with a growing need for remote monitoring, businesses can see their smart meters remotely. This has many benefits to the day to day running of the business, such as the decrease in costs. By using a Commsplus Mobile M2M SIM, you can dramatically reduce costs as each smart meter does not need to be regularly visited. You can also save time by being able to monitor every smart meter together, rather than one at a time as a traditional engineering setup would require.

Remote Maintenance & Control

Industrial equipment can be very hard to work with. Often requiring lots of maintenance, these industrial machines can have serious health and safety implications. By using an M2M solution you can remotely monitor and control M2M enabled machines from a safe distance.

By using a Commsplus Mobile M2M SIM solution, you can reduce business running costs and streamline operations such as recording diagnostics, maintaining vital systems and controlling the equipment. This can all be done in real time and without the health and safety implications of being near a working machine.

M2M enabled machines can use a Commsplus Mobile M2M SIM solution to connect with the end user and allows seamless RMC in real time.

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