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Machine 2 Machine

Machine 2 Machine

Real time IoT data SIMs.

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What is Machine 2 Machine?

Machine 2 Machine is a form of network connectivity that allows you to relay data over a mobile network.

It allows the end user to access vital information from remote machines in real time.

Save money with IoT.

Machine 2 Machine can improve the efficiency of your business and dramatically decrease your running costs.

By having your machines M2M enabled,can create a connectivity solution that meets your specific needs.

Machine 2 Machine Applications

How your business could benefit from the IoT.


M2M can be used for remote CCTV monitoring, door locking and real-time security system monitoring.


Why not use the internet of things for fleet management? Install telematics black box SIMs to keep track of your vehicles.


Monitor patient's vitals from anywhere or even administer additional care to the patients remotely if needed.


M2M payment systems are ideal for businesses looking for mobile card terminals without having a telephone line.


Use our real-time M2M SIMs to securely and remotely monitor and track devices from anywhere in the world.

Smart Metering

Machine 2 machine can record and transfer smart meter readings in real-time using the internet of things.

Remote Control

Use an M2M solution to remotely monitor and control M2M enabled machines from a safe distance over the IoT.


Automate your business operations using a real-time wireless solution to transfer data using the 4G network.

Remote Diagnostics

Using the IoT, you can diagnose issues using data sent to your control centre via the machine 2 machine SIMs.

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How does M2M work?

It uses the IoT to streamline your workflow.

Implementing Machine 2 Machine

M2M works by transferring data over a 4G network (similar to browsing the internet on your phone). As 4G becomes more available and the coverage increases, M2M is expanding and developing.

With countless applications and the ability to customise your solution, M2M SIMs enable a streamlined work flow for any business. By reducing running costs and saving time, you can use machine 2 machine to create a more cost effective business scenario.With our M2M SIM Solution, you can connect your equipment to your customer portal with ease.

We will work with you to ensure you get the best connection and the best price - a tailor made solution to ensure your business is as cost effective as possible.

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