Commsplus Code of Conduct

Please read this document carefully and in full before contacting Commsplus.

About our code of conduct

This document outlines the protocol for making a formal complaint against Commsplus Limited as a service provider. This document complies with the OFCOM guidelines for ‘Approved Code of Practice for Complaints Handling’.

How to make a complaint:

All complaints should be reported to Commsplus Limited through the contact details below. Once a complaint has been received, Commsplus Limited will follow the procedure as outlined below.How we deal with complaints.Complaints reported to the contact details below will follow this process to ensure that the complaint is resolved without undue delay.

1. Complaint forwarded to necessary party

Every complaint sent to us will be forwarded onto the relevant department. Each complaint will be analysed on a case-to-case basis to ensure that said complaint is sent to the correct department.

2. Initial response to complaint

Commsplus Limited will issue an initial response to the complainant without undue delay, this will most likely be in the form of a phone call. This call should allow us to gather necessary information regarding the complaint to aid with our resolution.

Timeframe: 7 Working days from receipt of request.

3. Analysis of complaint

Commsplus Limited will then analyse the complaint in depth using the information provided by the complainant. We aim to make this process as efficient and as streamlined as possible so as not to cause any delay in resolving said complaint.

Timeframe: 30 Working days from initial response.

4. Action

The complaint will then be dealt with using action that the staff member dealing with the complaint deems fit. This may include speaking to a member of staff, rectifying a technical issue or forwarding the complaint onto a 3rd party business (such as BT) to resolve the complaint.

Timeframe: 30 Working days from initial response.

5. Report

An in-depth report of the complaint will be complied by the member of staff dealing with said complaint. This report will outline the details of the complaint, timeframes, who dealt with it, the action taken and any other details that the member of staff deems of importance

Timeframe: 3 Working days from action.

6. Response to complaint

Following our report, a response will be issued to the complainant detailing how we have dealt with their complaint. This response will also include a copy of the report for their records.

Timeframe: 3 Working days from action.

7. Final response to complaint

To ensure that the complaint has been resolved and that the complainant is satisfied with our action we will follow up our report with a courtesy email to get confirmation from the complainant that they are satisfied. If the complainant is not satisfied, they should refer to the section below: "Further Action".

Timeframe: 3 Working days from response to complaint.

Further Action

If the complainant is not satisfied that the complaint has been resolved, they should contact the ADR scheme, whose details are provided below. Complainants have a right to refer their complaints to the ADR scheme after 8 weeks of if they have exhausted our complaints procedure and been issued with a deadlock letter.

Contact details:

All complaints should be reported to the following:

Commsplus Limited

51 Gazelle Road

Weston super Mare

North Somerset

BS24 9ES

Telephone: 01934 882200



The following are details for our ADR scheme:

Ombudsman Services:


PO Box 730



Telephone: 0330 440 1614 or 01925 430049