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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Stay connected.

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What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery is a plan that helps prevent your communications infrastructure from failing completely.

Whether it be your broadband or your telephone system, our disaster recovery solutions ensure you're always connected.

Why worry?

For many businesses, a reliable connection to the internet is a must, even the slightest outage could cost time and revenue.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place gives you peace of mind that, in the unlikely event that your telecoms infrastructure is compromised, you are able to keep working.

Why have disaster recovery?

An effective disaster recovery solution could save you when you need it.


Protect your important telephony assets with a disaster recovery plan.

Cost saving

Broadband and telephony downtime could cost your business money.


With our remote and on site maintenance and support plans, you know that your telecoms are in safe hands.

Peace of mind

Breathe easy knowing your connectivity is covered and has a robust fail safe.


Our engineers and in-house support desk are always happy to help should disaster strike.


Our disaster recovery solutions all come with built in security measures.

The types of disaster recovery.

We offer five different methods of disaster recovery to keep you connected.

4G Router

By using a router with a SIM card slot, Commsplus Mobile can implement a disaster recovery solution right into your router. With the advancement in 4G technology, 4G is becoming a much more stable network for disaster recovery.

Should a fault occur with your wired internet connection, we can provide a 4G SIM that will automatically activate in the event of an emergency. This SIM provides a 4G connection through your existing 4G enabled router, through the same firewall and filters, to the internet. Although the internet speeds may slow if the 4G connection is active, you are still able to browse the web until one of our engineers can fix the problem.

Please note: 4G availability and strength subject to coverage. For more call 01934 882202
4G router disaster recovery plan
Instant Divert

In the event of a broadband outage, SIP Trunks will be affected. Because SIP requires an internet connection, if your broadband goes down, so will your phones. However, with our instant divert disaster recovery solution, you can divert your main office number to another backup phone number such as a mobile phone or separate landline. This process is automatic and is built into our SIP platform. It allows you to set up a backup phone that will receive any call made to your main number. The SIP platform recognises that the connection is broken and will automatically divert all calls to this separate number.

Our SIP platform has a divert function that can 'push' incoming calls to, for example, a receptionist's mobile phone or a separate telephone number used in case of emergencies.

Instant divert disaster recovery plan
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

A UPS is a short term solution for power outages and surges. Commsplus are able to offer UPS units to businesses worried about power cuts. A UPS is a device that sits between the power source and the router or telephone system that allows the equipment to keep running in the event of a power outage. It does this by charging a large battery in the UPS. This charged battery will automatically activate, powering the equipment.

You can see that the UPS takes charge from the incoming power source and charges the battery. Once the battery is at 100% capacity, the charger switches off to prevent overcharging. If the power fails, then the battery turns on and can begin powering the equipment. This means that the equipment connected to the UPS will not switch off, therefore meaning that you will not lose infrastructure.

UPS disaster recovery plan
4G Dongle

Another disaster recovery option is a 4G Dongle. In the unlikely event that your broadband should fail, a 4G dongle can be used to you to get your business back online. The dongle simply plugs into the USB slot of a router and then enables that router to connect to the internet via 4G.

By using a Commsplus 4G enabled SIM, you can rely on your connection until your broadband is back up and running. Our SIM cards fit into the dongle and when plugged into the router, it opens a 4G connection automatically. In the event that your router has no USB slot, you can plug the 4G dongle directly into your PC. When you plug the dongle into your PC, it allows that PC to connect to the internet via a 4G connection. However, only the computer with the dongle plugged in will be able to connect to the internet. Should you require it, we can provision multiple dongles for separate PCs.

Please note: 4G availability and strength subject to coverage. For more call 01934 882202

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