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Office in a Box

Office in a Box

Temporary telecom solution.

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What is Office in a Box?

Office in a Box is the latest in rapid deploy telecoms solutions. Providing internet connectivity, landlines, and wifi to any remote site in as little as 24 hours using the UK's 4G network.

What's in the Box.

Office in a Box is a very simple premise. With only 3 pieces of hardware in the box, our solution is as straightforward as 'plug-and-play'.

What can it be used for?

Our Office in a Box is an ideal solution for temporary telecoms.


One of the many applications of Office in a Box is construction sites.

With Office in a Box, you can turn your portacabin into a fully fledged office environment, with wifi and a landline phone. With only 3 bits of hardware, it is easy, small and straightforward.

Our solution can be deployed to your construction site in as little as 24 hours and installed, by you, in a matter of minutes. Just plug it in and it works straight out the box.

Temporary Office

Office in a Box is the ideal solution for those who need connectivity at a temporary office.

With Office in a Box, you can stay connected where ever, whenever. With the simple 'plug and play' set up, you never need to worry about line rentals and fixed term contracts again.

Ideal for those with a small team who need a reliable connection and a landline phone, Office in a Box gives you full flexibility at a competitive price.


One of the many applications of Office in a Box is events.

Office in a Box is ideal for festivals, exhibitions, art instalments and many other events where internet connectivity is a must. Our solution allows you to connect any device to the internet without the need for a broadband connection. This can be handy for taking mobile bookings and PDQ card machine payments.

Office in a Box also gives you a cordless handset for inbound and outbound calls without the need for a land line phone or analogue line.

Disaster Recovery

If your telecoms fail, Office in a Box can help get you back online easily.

Office in a Box is ideal for telecom disaster recovery. It's simple instalment and reliable connection, means you can stay connected. With Office in a Box, you can have wifi connectivity and a landline phone whilst your infrastructure is being fixed, meaning that you never lose business.

With your 24 hour deployment time, we can substantially minimise the impact of a telecoms failure on your business.

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Hows does it work?

Office in a Box uses 3 pieces of hardware to give you temporary connectivity.

Office in a Box works by connecting a router to the UK's 4G network using a SIM card inside. This 4G connection allows you to set up a wifi network with up to 10 devices - giving you the ability to browse the web, check emails and even video call. This is much faster and more flexible than provisioning a broadband line to the site.

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