Telecom relocation services

We'll help you move your communications to your new premises.

Minimising risk.

And ensuring a seamless move.

When moving premises, it is important to consider your telecommunications assets. With Commsplus, you can ensure that the risk of losing communications is minimised. We can set up temporary diverts for your phone system, and our friendly engineers can move your system to your new premises as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Project management.

End to end strategic planning.

It's not just staying connected that's important - it's ensuring an efficient and smooth move. We've helped hundreds of customers move premises and our project management team will oversea the move of your telephony infrastructure to ensure it goes smoothly and efficiently.

Robust telecoms.

Make your telephony watertight.

Moving premises can be a big task, so ensuring your communications can handle it is important. With Commsplus, you can implement a disaster recovery plan. This ensures your communications are covered when you move, from broadband lines to telephone systems.

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