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Preparing for the worst with disaster recovery
October 18, 2018

Why is having a disaster recovery plan for your telecommunications important?

According to a recent study, 65% of business owners find that Telecommunications are the weakest link in their disaster recovery plan, despite being one of the most valuable assets a company can have.

Your telecommunications infrastructure is an invaluable asset. From broadband to telephones, most businesses rely on having a connection to the outside world at all times, and with the modern era of smartphones, hot-desking and mobile working, your telecoms are more important than ever. So, what would happen to your business if there was a major power outage? What would you do if someone accidentally dug up your broadband lines? Or even if your lines were broken by a tractor?

These are scenarios that you can't leave down to luck. If your broadband was to fault, how much would that cost your business in lost revenue? When buying a telecoms solution, you're making an investment and you should consider safeguarding this investment with a telecoms disaster recovery solution. Although most modern phone systems are robust, faults and issues can occur that are often out of your control, so planning for these eventualities is a must.

We recommend creating a plan to help protect your business in the event of an issue or outage. This plan should include scenarios such as a major power outage, a broadband failure or an issue with your phone lines. Our engineers have years of experience in helping customers recover from outages and will endeavour to fix the problem however they can. In the meantime, having a strong and robust disaster recovery plan can create a buffer and allow your business to stay connected while we work on the issue.

Commsplus offer clients a range of disaster recovery solutions to aid in the event of a fault, these include:

  • 4G Router - A 4G router allows you to stay online even if your main broadband fails. A 4G SIM from Commsplus Mobile sits dormant in the router until needed, and will automatically enable in the event of an outage to prevent loss of service
  • UPS - A UPS is a type of power supply that prevents electronics from cutting out in the event of a power cut. A UPS contains a battery and charger that will automatically enable if mains power cuts out or surges.
  • 4G Dongle - A 4G dongle is a small USB device that plugs into a router or computer to ensure that internet access is not compromised. A Commsplus router can be configured to automatically switch to a 4G connection if broadband is lost.
  • Instant Divert - Many businesses take advantage of an instant divert. By using our SIP platform, we can configure your main phone number to instantly divert to a mobile or separate phone line in the event of an outage or fault.
  • Dual Broadband Lines - Having dual broadband lines can save your business time and money in the event of an outage. Having two separate lines running side by side means that if one fails, you've still got another to keep you online while we work to fix the issue.

Disaster recovery is an important, and perhaps under-appreciated aspect of telecoms. By ensuring you have solutions in place, you can help prevent the damage caused to your business by a telephony outage.

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