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ISDN Switch off
June 11, 2018

2025 ISDN Switch off - The Facts.

Openreach have recently announced the consultation process with a formal date set of December 2025 for the switch off of traditional ISDN and PSTN voice services and September 2023 for the last orders of any new line services.

Openreach report 16 million voice lines nationally, will need to move before this date to the latest VoIP technology. The chances of meeting this date are slim but technology is moving at a very fast pace, so we must all work towards this date and plan for the future.

However, it’s Commsplus intention to ensure no-one is placed on a new service prematurely, without a reliable and stable connection, Commsplus will be undertaking measures to ensure that as soon as the infrastructure is in place, area by area, we will be advising our customers and looking towards moving their service over as soon as possible. VoIP telephony is the alternative to ISDN.

There are 2 main types of VoIP Telephony.

1) Hosted Voice is perfect for small businesses looking for fixed cost telephony with system functionality and reduced call costs. Each user has their own line and calls are routed through the internet.

2) SIP Trunks are similar, but calls are delivered to a traditional on-premise telephone system and routed to each extension or feature. SIP trunks are the closest replacement of ISDN and better suited for larger organisations with many extensions.

When the right infrastructure is in place migrating a VoIP services is easy, all administration is carried out by Commsplus and can be set up within a few weeks. All existing numbers can be retained.

If you are looking to upgrade your telephone system in the near future or just want to find out more about the best options currently available, please get in touch on 01934 882200.

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