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We've been doing this a while, helping customers make hefty savings on all calls and line rentals. Because we've been doing this so long, we know how it all works - making us a notable alternative to your current provider.


With our OneBill system you'll never ever have to phone BT again. Never. Just give us a ring and we can deal directly with any questions you have.

Our lines and call packages are built around your requirements and with you in mind. This ensures that you get the best possible deal at the best possible price.


Not only are we absolutely brilliant at tailoring packages around our customers, but we are also pretty fantastic at monitoring your usage to enusre that you get the best deal. Who wouldn't want that?

In addition to the flexibility and financial rewards, choosing Commsplus for your calls and line rental will mean:


If you have telephone system maintenance with us, all of your  telecommunication needs and queries are dealt with under one roof.


Your call and line rental costs would be regularly monitored to ensure you are receiving the best deal.


Excellent customer service. Any queries you have will be dealt with fast and efficiently by helpful, friendly staff who would ensure your query is answered

As a Line Rental Service Provider we are able to deal with and oversee  the provisioning of new lines as well as the transfer of existing telephone lines from your current provider to us.


Because we are a service provider, we can offer very competitive discounted line rentals, saving an average of 25% against BT's standard line rental charges.


Many businesses take advantage of LCR (least cost routing) and our competitively priced call tariff can equate to a considerable saving for your company, of up to 40%.

✓ One, simple, straightforward monthly statement


✓ Capability to retain your existing numbers


✓ All administration carried out in-house


✓ No monthly admin fee


✓ Automatic call routing

✓ Lower call costs for all outbound telephone calls


✓ One point of contact for your account


✓ No set-up charges


✓ Lower call costs for all outbound telephone calls


✓ Up to 20% reduced line rental costs

Commendably competitive.

Perfectly packaged for you.

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