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10 Ways to Speed up your Business Broadband
May 21, 2019

Suffering from slow broadband? Here are our top 10 ways to speed up your businesses internet speed.

Is your business suffering from slow internet connectivity? Does broadband speed hamper your business workflow and cause issues with productivity?

No business should have to put up with poor internet speeds that affect their day-to-day operations.

So we've compiled a list of 10 different techniques that you can use to speed up your businesses broadband speed.

1. Upgrade to a leased line

Our number one method for speeding up your business broadband speed is to upgrade to a business leased line.

A leased line is a totally dedicated fibre broadband connection that runs directly from your premises to the nearest fibre connection (either the exchange or a street cabinet). A leased line connection provides businesses with unparalleled speed and reliability. With speeds up to 1Gbps and 99.9% uptime, leased lines are the pinnacle of business broadband.

Learn more about leased lines for business.

2. Change to a higher package

Most business broadband deals come in the form of monthly packages. Although it seems obvious, upgrading your package to one with higher speeds is a good way to speed up your business broadband. Whilst this can increase your monthly costs, an upgrade in your package could see an increase in productivity and staff morale, meaning that you business operations are more efficient.

3. Change broadband provider

Why not look to change your broadband provider? There are so many deals on the market and providers are always striving to provide the best deal possible. Your business could take advantage of this competitive market to increase your internet speed and possibly even reduce your costs.

TIP: Why not have a look at our fibre broadband packages?

4. Get a 4G router

4G router
4G router from Commsplus

If your business suffers from poor speeds due to your location, you could look at a 4G solution to improve your internet speeds. A 4G router would supply a reliable, 4G connection to your premises and devices. 4G is a robust infrastructure, so downtime is unlikely.

Using a 4G router for your business broadband connectivity can not only help improve speeds, but it may be a more cost effective method of broadband connectivity for rural businesses. With traditional broadband lines, you are restricted to the line type and speed, and unless you have the money for a leased line, you're stuck with poor speeds. 4G can help improve your internet speed and even reduce costs.

For more, read our blog: Better broadband for rural areas

5. Upgrade your Wi-Fi router

You can upgrade your package as much as you want, but without a good router, your speeds will be impacted. Wi-Fi routers are often forgotten when talking about broadband speeds, but it is important to remember that they do affect speeds.

A newer, more modern router will have better traffic handling capabilities, higher transfer speeds, better bandwidth sharing and further range. For example, a Samsung Wi-Fi access point from Commsplus has industry leading range and strength, ensuring fast speeds, even at a distance.

6. Wi-Fi survey of your premises

Another great technique to speed up your business broadband is to do a full Wi-Fi survey. Wi-Fi surveys are a great way to increase your businesses broadband speeds. A Wi-Fi survey will tell you the optimum placement for routers and wireless access points (APs) around your premises.

A Wi-Fi survey produces a heatmap of your premises, showing how your APs perpetrate their signal and therefore where they're best placed. This can ensure that every device in your premises has a strong connection to the internet and this means minimal latency and higher speeds throughout your premises.

Get in touch to enquire about your FREE Wi-Fi Survey from Commsplus

7. Install a full Wi-Fi infrastructure

Samsung wi-fi access point
Samsung AP from Commsplus

If you're looking to overhaul your broadband, you can could look at installing a full Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide strong, robust and fast connectivity to your premises. Many small businesses rely on a single router to serve their entire office with internet, and this can be slow and sluggish.

With a Samsung Wi-Fi solution, you can cover your entire premises quickly and easily, giving every device a strong connection and providing them with the best speeds possible for your broadband connection. A Wi-Fi infrastructure in your office can lead to increased productivity, as a strong signal will be available everywhere in the building, giving all staff equal speed and bandwidth.

For more visit: Business Wi-Fi Solutions

8. Limit bandwidth per device

To speed up your broadband, you could have assigned bandwidth. This means that each device has equal share of your businesses bandwidth. By sharing the bandwidth between multiple devices, you can ensure that no device is hogging the speed and slowing the network for others.

A good way to limit bandwidth is to install a solution that automatically shares and limits the bandwidth of all devices connected to it. You could install this as part of a larger, site-wide Wi-Fi solution, or as a standalone solution.

9. Switch to ethernet/Lan connection

Many people often consider a wired ethernet connection or LAN to be quicker than Wi-Fi. However, this is not the case. The main difference is the range and latency. If you upgrade all of your businesses computers to a wired connection, you can reduce latency, and make for better internet browsing.

Using a wired connection also improves the range of your broadband. Many small businesses with just one router may not need a complete Wi-Fi infrastructure. Therefore, switching to a wired connection may be a better alternative as it connects devices without the worry of Wi-Fi range.

10. Look into vouchers.

At the moment, Commsplus are offering £2,500 off of your leased line installation. The Government want people to upgrade their internet, and a leased line is the number one method for increasing business broadband speeds.

Take advantage of our £2,500 voucher when you install a new leased line with Commsplus to speed up your business internet speed.

If you would like any more information about the solutions in this article, or would like some free, no obligations advice about your business broadband, give us a call on 01934 882200 or email

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