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GP Practices & Doctors Surgeries

Telephone Systems for GP Surgeries

Linking sites, CCG's and federations.

Telecoms for GP practices.

Telecoms are one of the most vital assets for a GP surgery.

Keeping in contact with your patients and staff is important for the day to day running of your surgery.

Bespoke for your surgery.

We are able to design and tailor a bespoke solution to fit your requirements.

With full scalability, whether you have 2 phones or 50, we can offer a cost effective and robust solution with excellent after care and support.

Key Features for GP Practices & Doctors Surgeries.

Emis integration

Securely and easily integrate your telephone system with your Emis healthcare system for a seamless workflow.

Cordless handsets

Using VoIP technology, your staff can answer calls on a cordless handset, wherever they are on the premises.

Screen popping

See who's calling before you've answered the phone with a handy, on-screen pop up window showing the callers details.


Display real-time call data such as calls answered and wait time on a screen. You can even display a video for your patients.

Auto attendant

Offer options to your patients when they call to help cut call time and direct their call to the relevant staff member quickly.

On hold advice

Let your patients know about cures and potential health issues while they're on hold with on hold announcements.

Internal tannoy system

Use your desk phone to tannoy another. Ideal for reception staff to inform doctors about their patients.

Call recording

With call recording, you'll have a full record of GDPR compliant call recordings that are easily accessible.

Disaster recovery

Commsplus offer disaster recovery solutions to ensure that your telecoms are covered in the event of an outage.

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Why choose us?

Over 30 years of experience doesn't count for nothing.

Truly bespoke and built for you.

We provide GP practices and doctors surgeries with a personal service. From consultation to installation, we strive to deliver a streamlined and simple process to make things as easy as we can for you.

No two of our solutions are the same. Everything we do is bespoke and built from the ground up around your requirements and with only you in mind. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your telephone system.

We also offer exceptional quality after care and support to all our customers. With "one of the best", UK based, in-house support desks around and a friendly team of engineers on standby, any queries you have can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Your new system.

After installation, one of our engineers will be able to talk your staff through your new system. Giving you a walk through guide of how to use its fantastic features.

You'll have one point of contact for all your queries. A friendly voice at the end of a phone who will be able to manage your account for you and can assist you if you need it.

Flexibility is a core part of any system. We aim to provide you with a system that is flexible and grows with your surgery or practice. If you need to add phones for extra staff members, just let us know - we're always happy to help.

FAQ: Got a question?

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions from GPs and doctors.

Of course. We've linked numerous multi-site businesses and surgeries in the past. Our systems are fully expandable and can be used to link multiple sites using the same, secure and integrated telephony network. We can even just use one physical system with and use VoIP to link the other sites, which can reduce your costs.

Nope. By linking multiple sites across your federation or CCG, you are essentially adding an extra 'arm' to your system. Meaning you won't lose any features on any of the remote sites.

Our approach is always to listen to your surgeries requirements and to suggest the best solution for you. We know that GP practices and doctors surgeries rely on telephony a lot and therefore need a robust infrastructure to keep them connected. This is why, we would recommend that doctors surgeries and GP practices invest in on-site hardware. A hosted system may not be robust enough to deal with the demands of a practice.

Yes they will. By using an auto attendant, you can help patients get where they need to go quickly and minimise call wait times. You can make announcements when they call up to let them know of things like prescription changes. You can also see who's calling before you pick up the phone which gives the reception staff time to look at the record and make the call more personal to the caller.

Of course you can. All of your call management stats are available for you to see, whether on screen or on a wallboard. You can use statistics such as 'call wait times', 'number of incoming calls', 'number of outgoing calls' and 'calls on hold' to manage your time efficiently and deploy extra reception staff during busier calling times.

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