Construction Sites

Temporary Wi-Fi for Construction Sites

Temporary, Wi-Fi for businesses working on construction sites.

4G Wi-Fi for construction sites.

Commsplus supply temporary, rapid deploy Wi-Fi solutions to building and construction sites across the UK.

Keeping your site office connected is vital. With a fast 4G connection and a reliable router, you can ensure that your portable cabin is online without the need for a fixed line.

More than just 4G Wi-Fi.

Our temporary construction site Wi-Fi allows your staff to quickly connect laptops, printers, phones and any other device to the internet.

We can even include a phone for you. With a fixed landline number, our Office in a Box solution allows your on site office to stay connected.

Key Features of our 4G Construction Site Wi-Fi


Our temporary construction site Wi-Fi uses the 4G network to provide fast & reliable speeds to your office or portable cabin.

Rapid deploy

Should you require it, we can get a temporary Wi-Fi solution to your construction site in as little as 24 hours.


For businesses with multiple construction projects across different sites, we can supply multiple, separate routers.

Easy to use

Our temporary construction site Wi-Fi is intuitive and easy to use. Just plug it in and start connecting your devices.

Available for hire

Only need it for a short while? Hire our temporary construction site Wi-Fi for a limited time to keep your costs down.

Plug & play

Our solution works straight out of the box. Just plug it into a power outlet and start connecting all your devices.

Great coverage

Our 4G routers for construction sites have great coverage, allowing workers to connect from a range of up to 25 meters.


With only a single piece of hardware, our temporary construction site Wi-Fi can be moved around whenever you need.

One point of contact

You will have one point of contact for your entire account, keeping it simple and streamlined.

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Why choose our construction Wi-Fi?

Year's of experience working with construction contractors across the UK.

What we do.

We provide voice and data tariffs to businesses across the UK. From business mobiles to remote, onsite Wi-Fi and telecommunications disaster recovery solutions.

Our team will manage your account, ensuring that you get the best tariffs at the best price. You'll have one single point of contact for your entire account, making it simple and easy for you to ask questions.

We have supplied temporary Wi-Fi solutions for many large construction projects, including a new nuclear power station, keeping their staff connected while they work on one of the UK's largest construction projects.

Why do I need Wi-Fi on my construction site?

Keeping connected is a vital part of modern day life. With businesses needing fast and reliable internet connections, whether they're office based or on site.

Our temporary Wi-Fi for construction sites enables your staff to turn their portable office or portacabin into a fully fledged office environment. From laptops to tablets, printers and phones, you can stay online with our solution.

Temporary construction site Wi-Fi is a great way to keep costs low, with no need to provision lines or buy in costly hardware, you can just buy or hire our solution and get connected, right out of the box.

FAQ: Got a question?

Here is a list of our most frequently asked question from construction firms.

Our connection uses the UK's 4G LTE network, providing fast and reliable data connectivity direct from the UK's top providers such as EE, O2 and Vodafone.

No, of course not. With our construction site Wi-Fi solution, you won't be tied into long 24 month or 12 month contracts. Our team will work closely with you to agree a contract term that suits the length of your construction, so that when you've finished, so is the contract.

Yes, of course. With our solution, you can add a telephone simply and easily to create a fully fledged office set up. We can even give you site a local landline number to call in and out from to keep you connected.

Our standard router can connect up to 64 separate wireless devices. Whether that's a smartphone, laptop, tablet or other wireless device. If you need more than 64 concurrent connections, please let us know and we can adjust our solution accordingly.

You can use an ethernet connection. You can always plug a computer or laptop directly into the router using an ethernet lead to increase your devices speeds. Our router has built in LAN capabilities for up to 4 separate devices.

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