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Conference Calls don't have to be Complicated
January 22, 2019

Conference calls are often though of as a complicated task to arrange, but Commsplus can make it simple.

We all know the struggles of conference calls and teleconferences. In a world often plagued by technical difficulties and telecom faults, the stress of organising and partaking in a conference calls can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The downfalls of conference calls.

Telephony is a major part of almost every businesses day to day running. With businesses taking advantage of older technologies to keep them connected, there is always the possibility of a telephony mishap or a fault.

Conference calls have a habit of being notoriously plagued by bugs and faults, such as audio issues, dropouts and over-complicated set up steps. We can help you eliminate these challenges and make your telephony conference go as smoothly as possible.

How can I make conference calls seamless?

There are many ways you can prevent a poor or over-complicated conference call. But the best way is to upgrade telephony.

Many businesses rely on dated or older telephony equipment that just isn't suited to the needs of a flourishing business. You wouldn't use an iPhone 3G in the modern world of 4G technology - so why use an outdated telephone system.

These older technologies can be a massive hinderance for businesses during conference calls, so why not upgrade? Upgrading your telephone system sounds daunting, but it is a great investment for your business, helping you improve communications with your customers and prospects.

Setting up a conference call can be a challenge. With our telephone systems, you can quickly and easily set up a conference call with the press of a few buttons. Both of out Mitel and Samsung telephone systems offer built-in teleconferencing features that are designed for ease of use.

Upgrade your system today to reduce those telephony faults that are costing your business money. Call us today on 01934 882200 or email for more information.

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