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Fibre increases UK businesses turnover by £9bn
August 21, 2018

Fibre Broadband increases UK business turnover by £9bn.

The latest fibre broadband infrastructure has boosted UK businesses turnover by £9bn. Openreach has pledged that all businesses will have an affordable fibre broadband connection by 2020.

Openreach, the company that delivers most of the UK's broadband and fibre internet connections, has recently increased the rollout of super fast fibre services to homes and businesses across the UK. In 2017, the UK slipped down the world chart for average internet speed and Openreach pledged to increase the super fast fibre broadband infrastructure across the UK.

Following a large rollout of fibre broadband and a reduction in the wholesale prices to internet service providers, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport released figures showing that for every £1 spent on the UK's fibre infrastructure, UK businesses saw a benefit of £12.28. The total figure released by the DoCMS shows that businesses in the UK benefitted from an increased turnover of £9bn.

Super fast fibre broadband can greatly increase the efficiency of businesses. From small, local businesses to larger corporations, a firm with a strong and fast internet connection will see benefits in employee productivity and general business workflow. Openreach Chief Executive, Clive Selly, commented on the DoCMS report saying, "It is great to see businesses across the UK reaping the benefits of faster broadband speeds."

As the world becomes more mobile and more and more businesses rely on an reliable internet connection, the UK infrastructure has to grow to accommodate for these needs. Another reason for the increase in infrastructure is the UK ISDN switch off in 2025.

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