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What is 4G Wi-Fi?
June 20, 2019

What is 4G Wi-Fi and how can it help your business?

4G Wi-Fi is an alternative to fixed line broadband. 4G Wi-Fi uses a specially adapted Wi-Fi router and a data only 4G SIM card to provide a reliable connection to your devices. 4G Wi-Fi is a fantastic tool for keeping your business connected without a fixed line.

The SIM inside the 4G router connects to the UK's vast 4G network and provides a reliable data connection to those connected to it. You can connect all types of devices to a 4G router, such as; mobiles, tablets, laptops, printers, smart TVs and more. Our routers also allow you to connect using an ethernet/LAN cable if required, to give you an extra boost in speed.

Why would you need 4G Wi-Fi?

There are many different applications for 4G Wi-Fi across different industries, these include:

Telecom disaster recovery

A lot of businesses across the UK rely heavily on their broadband and data connection. That's why we've installed many 4G routers as broadband backups. These routers will supply a data connection if there is an issue with the main broadband, until that issue is resolved. This means that your business does not suffer costly downtime.

4G Wi-Fi for construction sites
4G Wi-Fi can be used in construction

Wi-Fi for construction sites

One other application of 4G Wi-Fi is providing connectivity to building and construction sites. Using 4G Wi-Fi, the portacabin or site office can benefit from reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. In fact, Commsplus supply one of the largest construction sites in the UK with site-wide 4G Wi-Fi.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Does your business attend trade shows or exhibitions? If so, a 4G Wi-Fi solution may be a great option for you. 4G routers can provide your exhibit with a reliable data connection for your staff.

4G Wi-Fi help when moving offices
Moving offices? Why not install a 4G Wi-Fi in the interim

Moving office

If you're looking to move offices, you could implement a 4G Wi-Fi solution in the interim until you can provision a full broadband line. This will ensure connectivity for your business at all times.

Poor fixed line speeds

Businesses 'out in the sticks' often suffer from very poor broadband speeds due to their distance from the green street cabinet. Instead of a leased line, they may opt for the 4G Wi-Fi alternative to provide more reliable, faster speeds.

Benefits of 4G Wi-Fi.

For many businesses, 4G Wi-Fi is a great disaster recovery solution. For others, it is a great alternative to fixed line connectivity.

There are many benefits to a 4G Wi-Fi solution, for example:

  • No long contracts - We'll provision it for as long as you require it.
  • Portable - Just pick up your router and move it anywhere you need it.
  • Flexible - You choose how much data you need per month.
  • Pooled Data - You can also pool data between multiple SIMs to keep your costs low.
  • Vast coverage - The UK has great 4G coverage.
  • High speeds - 4G Wi-Fi may have higher speeds than you expect.
  • Simple plug & play - Just plug in your router and connect your devices.

What if I have bad coverage?

There are very few places in the UK with absolutely NO mobile communications service, however, we appreciate that there are black spots.

To overcome these areas, Commsplus can supply an additional antenna that plugs into the back of your 4G router. This antenna boosts the surrounding area's 4G signal, providing you with the strongest possible data connection.

If you're interested in 4G Wi-Fi or would like to know more, please get in touch on 01934 882200 or email

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