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30 Facts about VoIP 2019
June 28, 2019

Our top 30 facts about VoIP and how it's changing telecoms in 2019.

We're halfway through the year already, so let's take a look at how VoIP is changing businesses in 2019.

VoIP is a great way to get your business connected, cut running costs and improve your communications.

Here are our top 30 facts about VoIP:

1. In 1973, the first VoIP call was made

The first VoIP call used an early version of the internet called ARPANET. It was done as part of a communications experiment in 1973.

2. VoIP was originally funded by adverts

In the 1990's, before the internet was widely used, VoIP calls were paid for by corporate sponsorships and adverts (it isn't any more).

3. 90% Cost reduction on international calls

A recent study suggests that VoIP can reduce your businesses international call charges by up to 90%.

4. VoIP calls contain 'silent data'

Silent data is used to save bandwidth when making a VoIP call, to ensure a stable and high quality call.

5. Skype is VoIP

Many people aren't aware that Skype uses VoIP technology in its calls.

6. No phone is necessary

Whilst many people prefer it, VoIP calls do not need a phone. They can use a desktop, laptop or tablet.

7. VoIP only accounted for 3% of calls in 2002

In 2002, the internet was still a baby, and VoIP only accounted for as little as 3% of all calls made worldwide.

8. By 2003, 1/4 of all calls were VoIP

In just 1 year, VoIP calls jumped from 3% of total voice traffic to 25%.

9. In 2005, VoIP calls totalled 204bn minutes

Figures show that VoIP calls became very popular very quickly, and soon totalled 204 billion minutes.

10. VoIP providers are governed by Ofcom

As with all other service providers, VoIP providers are required to report to, and are regulated by, Ofcom.

11. VoIP reduces local call costs by up to 40%

Due to included minutes and other benefits, businesses can see a reduction of up to 40% on their call costs.

12. 70% Of businesses plan to use VoIP

VoIP is changing the telecoms industry, and 70% of businesses are planning to, or already have, switch to VoIP.

13. Staff save an average of 32 minutes each per day with VoIP

Due to VoIP's speed and clarity, it saves employees an average of half an hour (32 minutes) per day.

14. Businesses with 30 phones save £1000 per month

By switching to VoIP, businesses with 30 phones can save upwards of £1000, according to a recent study in PC World.

15. Mobile workers can save up to 40 minutes per day

One study estimates that mobile workers can save up to 40 minutes per day by using the faster, more efficient, VoIP mobile app.

16. Over 50% of IT professionals think VoIP is critical

A study shows that 54% of IT leaders think that VoIP will be a critical component in their companies business development.

17. VoIP calls actually transmit more frequencies than normal calls.

Regular calls use a frequency between 300 Hz - 3400 Hz, whereas VoIP calls are between 300 Hz - 7000 Hz, giving you much higher call quality.

18. You can use VoIP on your mobile

VoIP is not just limited to your office - you can use VoIP on your mobile too.

19. 3/4 of businesses are satisfied with VoIP over the alternative.

75% of businesses are satisfied with VoIP, with 25% being 'very satisfied' and 21% 'extremely satisfied', one study shows.

20. By 2021, 90% of businesses will be on VoIP

Gartner forecasts that 90% of all businesses worldwide will move from on-premise to VoIP by 2021.

21. In 2025 all UK businesses will need to have VoIP

BT announced that in 2025, they will switch off the ISDN network, requiring that all businesses move to a VoIP solution.

22. VoIP was the fastest growing telephony segment from 2014 - 2019

According to a study by FMI, VoIP was the number one fastest growing segment between 2014 and 2019, outpacing all other telecoms segments.

23. £100 Bn to be spend on long distance VoIP calls by 2024

It is estimated that, by 2024, £100 billion will be spent on international VoIP calling worldwide.

24. You can use VoIP for online chats

With a hosted VoIP phone system, you can use online chats and group chats to communicate with colleagues.

25. VoIP can reduce conferencing expenses by up to 30%

Using modern and cost-effective technology, you can cut teleconferencing calls by as much as 30%.

26. 52% of IT professionals prefer hosted VoIP

In a study, 52% of IT professionals said that they would prefer using a VoIP solution to an on-premise solution.

27. A full VoIP solution requires NO onsite hardware

A hosted VoIP phone system uses cloud telephony to provide you with a unified communications environment, without on-site hardware.

28. VoIP offers up to 92% savings on telecom maintenance

VoIP is cheap and easy to maintain, meaning that your business can cut maintenance costs up to 92%.

29. VoIP is free between multiple sites

VoIP calls are free when you call between multiple sites, all using VoIP.

30. There are over 100 benefits to hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP has over 100 benefits, and we listed every single of of them.

So, there you have it. 30 interesting facts about VoIP and how it's changing the telecommunications industry in 2019.

If you're interested in VoIP and what it can do for your business, please give us a call on 01934 882200 or email for a no obligations, no fee chat.

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