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How Does a Hosted Phone System Work?
March 8, 2019

Here's how a hosted phone system works using VoIP & the cloud.

A hosted phone system, often referred to as 'hosted PBX or hosted telephony' is a new form of business communications that rivals the traditional 'on premise' telephone system. But how does hosted telephony work and how can it benefit your business?

How does a hosted phone system work?

When stripped back, a hosted telephone system is a very simple premise. Hosted telephony uses VoIP and cloud technology to connect your business to the telephone network (PSTN). Instead of having a physical telephone system on your premises, you use a VoIP connection to communicate via the eve cloud platform.

Hosted phone systems use VoIP to make and receive your businesses voice calls via the cloud. This cloud platform acts as a traditional telephone system, processing, controlling and serving your businesses telephone calls.

Here is a diagram showing the basics of how hosted telephony works. It shows how our eve network acts as middle man for your businesses calls, allowing you to keep your costs down by eliminating the cost of on premise hardware.

Diagram of a VoIP hosted phone system

Whether your business has only one premises, or multiple, the benefit of a hosted phone system is that it scales with your business. Provisioning new phones, and even new sites can all be done easily by us, for you.

Learn more about hosted VoIP phone systems

A benefits of hosted telephony.

A hosted phone system has a range of benefits for businesses. A good example is the cost savings that hosted voice can bring to your business. By removing the need for on premise hardware - a 'box on the wall' - you can dramatically reduce your telephony costs.

Another benefit of hosted telephony is the voice quality. VoIP (Voice over IP) offers superior voice quality over the traditional voice calls. VoIP uses your internet connection to make and receive calls, meaning a higher quality can be transmitted.

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Engineering Manager: How does a hosted phone system work?

We spoke to the Commsplus Engineering Manager, to get his explanation of Hosted Voice. Aaron Luker is highly trained in the world of hosted telephony and hosted voice, he said "A hosted phone system is, at heart, a simple premise. It removes the need for an on premise PBX.

"Hosted voice brings together all the modern forms of communication technology. Using VoIP to make and receive your calls as well as a cloud platform as your telephone system. Hosted voice is a great way to save your business money. Our hosted voce solution offers a wide range of features, including call recording, call logging, auto attendant, hunt groups and more."

For more information about hosted telephony or hosted voice, give us a call on 01934 882200 or email us

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