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100 Benefits of a Hosted VoIP Phone System
May 30, 2019

Here is our 2019/20 list: 100 Benefits of a Cloud Hosted (VoIP) Phone System

Here is our NEW list of the top 100 features of a hosted VoIP telephone system, updated for 2019/20.

We've spilt the benefits down into 6 main categories:

  • Feature benefits (1 - 30)
  • Installation & maintenance benefits (31 - 46)
  • Cost benefits (47 - 58)
  • Flexibility benefits (59 - 77)
  • Technological benefits (77 - 93)
  • Additional benefits (94 - 100)


feature benefits of a hosted voip phone system

Feature Benefits

Hosted voice app

1. iOS app

Our hosted telephone system has an iOS app, enabling you to get connected wherever you are.

2. Android app

Don't have an iPhone? No worries, there is a handy Andriod App too, with all the same features.

3. Desktop app

For those working from a laptop or desktop, you can download the hosted VoIP softphone app.

4. DDI ranges

Hosted provides a DDI range, ensuring that callers can get to an individual quickly, without having to talk to a receptionist or switchboard operator.

5. Call Reporting

You can use call reporting to view all the call volumes, talk time, wait time and more through the simple online portal.

6. Up to 20 user conferencing

You can add up to 20 users to a single conference call, making business meetings simple and easy.

7. Free music on-hold

Cloud hosted VoIP comes with free music on hold, for everyone, even the entry level package comes with music on-hold.

8. PCI Compliant call recording

All of our hosted voice call recording is fully PCI compliant - allowing you to take over the phone payments without an issue.

9. Time/date based call routing

You can change the ring plan of your entire system based on a time and date. If you're closed, you can send it straight to voicemail automatically.

10. Voicemail to email

Our hosted VoIP can be configured to automatically forward your voicemail messages to your email inbox.

11. Click-to-dial

You can use click-to-dial to dial numbers directly from your screen, just by clicking on them. This saves your employees valuable time when repeatedly dialling numbers.

12. Tablet app

Hosted VoIP also comes with a tablet app, for those who don't have a mobile they can use, or who work from a tablet.

13. Availability

You can set your availability status to let colleagues know that you're in a meeting, on the road or on do-not-disturb.

14. Extra call recording packages

Call recording bolt-ons enable you to record calls and store them for either:

  • 30 Days,
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • 7 Years

15. Built in contact book

You can look up everyone in your company using the contact book. This company wide directory is accessible via the deskphone, softphone or app so you'll never have to remember anyones DDI.

16. Microsoft Exchange integration

Hosted VoIP integrates with Microsoft Exchange, giving you more flexibility and allowing you to streamline your workflow using the cloud.

17. Built-in 3 conferencing capability

By default, you can have 3-way conferences with anyone using our cloud hosted voice system.

18. 5000 included minutes

With the Essential and Everything hosted packages, comes an included 5000 minutes to local, national and mobile numbers.

19. Flexible call-recording

Ad-hoc call recording is available as standard with all of our hosted VoIP packages. This allows you to record any call when required at the press of a button.

20. Built-in online chat feature

Online chat allows staff to send and receive instant chat messages to one another, through your cloud phone system.

21. Automatic call protection

The Exceptional Call Protection (ECP) monitors call patterns and volumes with particular notice of high risk categories like premium rate calls.

22. Skype for business integration

Hosted VoIP integrates seamlessly with Skype for Business, unlocking a world of productivity features and benefits.

23. Real-time wallboard call stats

Wallboards are a great tool for monitoring your call patterns, call volumes and call times. It's the ideal solution for call centres, helping productivity and allowing staff to manage their time effectively.

25. Voicemail as standard

All of our hosted VoIP licences come with voicemail built in as standard.

24. Media sharing

Using the online chat feature, you can share images, videos and more with other parties. This enhances your workplace collaboration and improves business efficiency.

26. Hunt groups as standard

Hunt groups allow you to automatically assign ring groups to a DDI range. For example, you could have a 'sales group' that rings only members of your sales team.

27. Automatic call queuing

Callers can be automatically queued with our cloud VoIP platform, to make sure you never loose a call.

28. Custom configurable comfort messages

Have a comfort message played to callers when they call, such as a "thank you for calling".

29. Simple number management

You can manage your numbers through the simple, online portal to ensure maximum flexibility.

30. Automatic scheduling

Our hosted voice solution can check to see if you're in a meeting and automatically update your status accordingly.

installation and maintenance benefits of a hosted voip phone system

Installation & Maintenance benefits

31. Constantly being upgraded

Because hosted VoIP is a newer solution, it is constantly being upgraded by the manufactures. New features are always being added, and you'll have access to them when they're released.

32. No box on the wall

With hosted VoIP, there is no box on the wall. This means it does not take up room in your premises.

33. Easy to set up

Because there is no box on the wall, hosted VoIP does not require a complicated installation.

34. Faster installation

Our engineers can install a hosted cloud phone system incredibly quickly. In fact, in many instances, they may not even need to do any on-site work at all.

35. Low cost of installation

The installation of hosted voice is simple, easy and fast, meaning that the costs are incredibly low or even non-existent.

36. Cheaper to maintain

Without the box on the wall, maintenance costs are reduced, and on-site engineer visits are more unlikely.

37. Less likely to go wrong

Because hosted VoIP uses the cloud, there is a lot less on your premises that can go wrong - saving you costs and engineer call outs.

38. Incredible in-house technical support

Commsplus offer "one of the best" in-house local support teams to our hosted customers. They're highly trained, friendly and ready to help.

39. Free on-site training

Commsplus on-site training is offered to customers should they require it. One of our expert and friendly engineers will come and show you the ropes of your new VoIP system.

40. No technical support ticketing system

Our support team don't use ticketing systems. And we'll answer your support call within 10 seconds.

41. Fast provisioning

Hosted phone systems are fast and easy to provision. We can set your VoIp system up in no time and get you connected.

42. Minimal switch-over disruption

Our engineers will project manage your switch-over, ensuring minimal downtime and eliminating switch over disruption.

43. Number migration

Upon installation, we can migrate your numbers across to our hosted platform. This means you won't loose your existing business phone number.

44. Instant updates

Our cloud VoIP solution can receive over-the-air updates, meaning that if a new feature is released, you won't need an engineer to come and install it for you.

45. Plug-and-play telephony

Just plug in your shiny new phones and get connected. Minimal installation,. Minimal faff.

never phone bt

46. Never have to phone BT again

You'll never have to phone BT again. If you migrate your lines to Commsplus, we'll deal with everything for you, no hassle.

Cost benefits of a hosted voip phone system

Cost Benefits

47. Low cost per licence

Cloud hosted VoIP phone systems have a very low cost per licence, meaning that your licence can be built up in a cost-effective way.

48. Flexible Licence packages

Our hosted phone systems are based on three main licences, the entry, essential and everything. These can be built up with bolt-ons to meet your requirements.

49. No maintenance contract

There is no maintenance contract with a hosted telephone system - helping reduce your running costs.

50. No lengthy 7-year contract

We only offer 3 year contracts for our licences- so you're not tied in for a long, 7 year deal.

51. No capital outlay

There is no capital outlay when it comes to a hosted VoIP solution. It's just a monthly licence fee.

52. Decreased time-to-value

Hosted VoIP typically has a lower time-to-value than traditional PBX systems. Meaning that you reap the rewards of modern telephony much faster.

53. Reduced line changes

Using SIP with your hosted VoIP solution can decrease your running costs. SIP removes the requirement for multiple telephone lines, helping you cut costs.

54. No hidden fees

Hosted has no hidden fees, whatsoever. So you can be sure that you can budget for your new system.

55. Simple to understand monthly bill

We use one, simple monthly bill for your hosted licences to make it as easy as possible for you to manage cashflow and track costs.

56. Cost effective packages

Because hosted VoIP phone systems are so granular, you can build them to your exact requirements. Just bolt on any extras you need.

57. Bespoke call tariff

As a registered line service provider, we can bolt on international call tariffs, along with your included 5000 minutes, to save you money.

58. BOYD support

Our cloud hosted VoIP systems also support Bring Your Own Device (BOYD), enabling employees to connect their device to your phone system.

flexibility benefits of a hosted voip phone system

Flexibility Benefits

59. Bolt-ons

Every hosted VoIP licence is custom built. Once you've chosen a base licence, you can add bolt-ons to each licence to adapt and build your phone system to your exact requirements.

60. Easy relocation

If you move offices, it's no problem. Because there is no on-site hardware to move, you can just pick up your phones, and plug them in in your new office - all you'll have to do is let us know you're moving.

61. Easily remove bolt-ons

If you find that you're not using your whole package, you can remove bolt-ons just as easily as you added them. It's all about that flexibility.

62. Choose any UK number

Hosted VoIP allows you to choose ANY UK number as your business phone number.

63. Easily add users

If your team expands, and more people require a phone, just give our support team a call and they can quickly and easily provision new licences for them - we'll even courier the phones out if required.

64. Easy call-forwarding

If you pop out of the office, or if you have staff on the road, they can quickly and easily forward calls to their mobile phone.

65. No geographical number restrictions

With hosted VoIP, you're able to choose a number (or multiple numbers) from anywhere in the UK, to point to your business - making people think they're calling a local company.

66. No deskphone required

You don't need a deskphone if you don't want one. Hosted VoIP can be used on a mobile, desktop, tablet or laptop for maximum flexibility.

67. Mid-contract bolt-ons

Once you've picked your licence and bolt-ons, you're not stuck with it for the contract term. Just give us a call and we can add more bolt-ons, or remove them.

68. Easy home working

Do you have staff that work from home? Many businesses use our hosted VoIP phone systems to allow home workers to connect to the office telephone system using their home broadband connection.

69. Works abroad

Many directors cannot switch off and leave their business unattended when they go on holiday. Our hosted VoIP allows you to use Wi-Fi or 4G signal to make and receive calls, even if you're abroad.

70. Different packages for different users

We know that one licence will not suit everyone at your business. So each staff member can have an individual, tailored licence if required.

71. Can be used across multiple sites

Hosted VoIP can connect your entire business, even if it's spread out over multiple sites, using multiple numbers.

72. Not restricted by geographic area

With a Hosted VoIP phone system, you're not geographically restricted, if you've got an office in John O Groats, and Lands End, we can unify them using cloud telephony.

73. Increased staff productivity

Staff will benefit from increased productivity and less 'faffing' with our simple, easy-to-use hosted platform - especially with the hosted integration and collaboration features.

74. Avoid snow days

We've found that a lot of businesses suffer from snow days. Our platform allows them to work from home if they can't get into the office in the event of adverse weather, using just their mobile or computer.

75. Easily move desks

If you want to move desks, just pick up your phone, and move desks. No hassle, no worrying.

76. Enables hot-desking

Hosted allows businesses to utilise the flexibility of hot-desking. Staff can use their laptop, business mobile or deskphone to work from any desk.

77. Online portal editing

Your whole hosted VoIP phone system is editable directly from the online portal - right in your web browser. Or, if you prefer, you can give our in-house support team a call and ask an engineer to make changes.

technological benefits of a hosted voip phone system

Technological Benefits

78. Higher quality calls

VoIP has higher quality calls that traditional ISDN and analogue lines. Fact.

79. VoIP is the future

VoIP is the most modern form of business communications, and soon, businesses will all be using a VoIP connection.

80. Eliminate office boundaries

Hosted VoIP phone systems do not confine you to your offices, or even your home. You can utilise our platform's mobility and flexibility to work anywhere, anytime.

81. Future-proof

We make sure that your new telephone system is totally future proof - it will not require any frequent and costly upgrades and updated whatsoever.

82. Efficient use of bandwidth

VoIP uses SIP Trunks, which make better and more efficient use of your existing broadband connection by sharing bandwidth between data and voice. How clever is that?

83. Enhanced security with cloud

Our hosted phone systems come with built-in security features and encryption right from your premises, to the cloud.

84. Centralised configuration

Using hosted means that your telephony is centralised, with one, unique configuration that unifies your communications.

85. Minimal downtime

Our hosted VoIP cloud platform has 99.9% uptime*.

86. VoIP is reliable

VoIP is one of the most reliable forms of business communications, so you can rest easy.

87. Easy mobile-twinning

It's never been easier to link your mobile up to your business telephone system, another benefit of the modern technology of our hosted cloud solution.

88. VoIP doesn't rely on old technologies

VoIP is new - meaning that it does not depend on old, outdated connections or technology so your business will not need to worry about costly future upgrades.

89. Centralised system for multiple sites

You can use one single system for all of your sites, unifying them under one cloud phone system. This removes the costs associated with multiple telephone systems.

90. Business continuity

Using this one system approach, you can ensure a uniform collaboration across your entire business. Everyone will use the same platform, to ensure full continuity.

91. Reduced complexity

Using a hosted cloud solution reduces the complexity of your telephone system. No need for hardware, complex system connections or processing units.

92. Prepare for the ISDN switch off

In 2025, Openreach are set to switch off the ISDN network. Upgrading to a hosted VoIP solution means that this switch off will not affect your business communications.

93. Modern tech

Both the technology behind hosted VoIP and the handsets themselves include some of the most modern, up to date technology in the communications market.

*Calculated based on data recorded by Commsplus over a 7 month period.

additional benefits of a hosted voip phone system

Additional Benefits

94. Fibre available from Commsplus

Most hosted systems require a fibre broadband package. This isn't a problem, we can also provide you with superfast fibre to ensure your hosted voice quality is as high as possible

95. Modern handsets

We have a variety of available handsets, including the latest Mitel 6900 range,

mitel 6900 series business deskphones
The Mitel 6900 series business phones

96. We can provide your line

To accompany your new hosted phone system, Commsplus can also provide a business telephone line to run all of your connectivity under one roof.

97. Free deskphone

With our essential and everything hosted VoIP licences, you get a free deskphone - further reducing your costs.

98. Disaster recovery options available

What would it cost your business if your broadband went down, taking your phone with it? Well with Commsplus, you don't even have to think about that. We can provide a myriad of backup and disaster recovery solutions with your hosted system.

99. Executive handsets available

We offer both lower range, cheaper handsets as well as, premium, executive handsets for your system.

100. Integrates with our business mobiles

Bring your communications under one roof, with our business mobile solutions - they'll link right up with your phone system.

So there you have it, that's our full list of the 100 benefits of hosted VoIP phone systems, updated for 2019/20.

We hope you found this interesting, and if you'd like any more information about hosted VoIP, please visit our hosted VoIP page, give us a call on 01934 882200 or email us at

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