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How to Prepare for a UK Snow Day
February 6, 2019

If the latest UK snow day cost your business money, here's how you can prevent it in future.

On Friday, the UK experienced a 'snow day', where many people struggled to get into work due to snowy conditions. It is estimated that a single snow day costs the UK's economy £1bn*.

Productivity is important for businesses. Having staff members unable to work can cost your businesses thousands in lost revenue and time. It is so important to prepare for a snow day in advance and ensure that your telecommunications facilitate home working.

Enable home working on a snow day

There are many different approaches to preparing for a snow day. Most businesses try to get as many staff into the office as possible to minimise the impact on the business. But for some, this cam be dangerous. Another approach is to ask your employees to work from home.

With a hosted telephone system, your employees can work from home without the need for expensive on site hardware. Hosted telephony utilises the power of the cloud to make and receive voice calls. Because of this cloud based approach, your employees can take your business telephone system with them - wherever they are.

Walking in a snow blizzard
Don't let your employees battle the snow to get in.

How can my employees work from home?

With the power of the cloud, and a Hosted telephone system from Commsplus, your voice calls can be made or received right from a mobile app. This means that your employees can work from home without the need for their own desk phone or any kind of installation, which keeps your costs low.

With many businesses utilising cloud working for their emails and document storage, there has never been a better time to upgrade your telephone system to a cloud based solution.

Enabling home working with a hosted telephone system allows your business to avoid these snow days that cost the UK £1bn - and to solider through the weather conditions.

What are the other benefits of home working?

The benefits of home working extend beyond the 'snow day' productivity. With home working, you can ensure that employees who are 'out and about' or reps on the road have access to your telephone system from one a single app.

Home working also enables your employees to make and receive calls while abroad, providing they have a data connection. This can be handy for emergency situations where immediate contact is necessary.

The recent snow day highlighted the importance of home working. With businesses losing out on revenue and productivity because of adverse weather, implementing a cloud based telephony solution is a great way to prevent further losses, and even reduce your running costs.

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*Figures from The Guardian

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