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Adding Mitel to our product portfolio
November 2, 2018

Commsplus are proud to announce that we have added Mitel telephone systems to our product portfolio.

Since 1988, Commsplus has been offering the latest telecoms technology to our clients. The core values of our brand reflect the both quality of product and quality of service. For a while, we've wanted to offer our customers more options than just the Samsung telephone systems that we know and love. That is why we now sell Mitel telephone systems alongside our Samsung. The decision to bring on Mitel was made a few months ago and since then our team has been working hard to ensure we're ready for the new product. As of November 1st 2018, Commsplus officially began selling Mitel telephone systems.

Mitel Communications are a worldwide telecoms brand, specialising in business telecommunications equipment. Mitel telephone systems are designed from the ground up and have been refined over many many years. They are feature rich and built for business - making them robust, cost effective and reliable. The Mitel UK headquarters is located in Calidcot, Wales, just 'over the bridge' from Commsplus in Weston super Mare. We see the Mitel telephone portfolio as a valuable asset to Commsplus and one we are looking forward to bringing to our customers are prospects.

"Expanding our product portfolio has always been a goal of ours" says Managing Director, Steve Collard. "The Mitel communications infrastructure allows us to offer our customers and prospects a wider range of telephone systems and features. We are excited to offer Mitel and I thank my team for all the hard work they've put in to enable Commsplus to bring Mitel to the table.

"We think that the Mitel telephone system compliments the Samsung nicely. Along with our recent addition of Hosted Voice, I believe that Commsplus now offer a vast range of telephony solutions for businesses of all sizes.

"If you're interested in learning more about our new Mitel, please give my team a call, and they'll be happy to chat about it with you. Just a no obligation, no fee chat." Call us on 01934 882200

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