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5 Benefits of Telephone System/Database Integration
February 12, 2019

Here are our top 5 ways your business can benefit from integrating your telephone system and your database.

Integrating your business telephone system and your database can unlock a world of benefits for your business or organisation. Database integration is not a new feature, but is sometimes overlooked when upgrading your business communications infrastructure.

In this feature, we'll explore the top five reasons that your business should upgrade your telephone system to include database integration.

1. Time Management

The number one benefit of telephone system/database integration is the time management and time saving. Database integration enables a world of features that can all be used to save your staff time when dialling out or talking on the phone with clients.

When a client calls, you can have their details pop up on the screen to eliminate time searching through your database - saving you time. You can also enable click-to-dial which allows you to immediately dial your customers from their customer record, rather than enter their number on your telephone.

Your business can also save time by increasing the automation of your telephone system. Such as automating call records and call recordings.

2. Customer Service

Another benefit of telephone system and database integration is the increased level of customer service that you're able to offer your clients. With screen popping, you know who's calling before you answer. This allows you to address them by name and offer a highly personal over-the-phone service.

You can also open the record quickly before the call begins, enabling you to view their information to tailor the conversation and your customer experience. With a telephone system from Commsplus, you can even change the colour of the screen popping window to give you a quick visual note as to who's calling.

3. Pre-call information

Having information displayed before you answer the call is so important. With this information you can make informed decisions and offer a better over-the-phone experience for customers. Many schools and doctors surgeries take advantage of this to display vital information about pupils or patients to help protect vulnerable individuals.

Businesses can also benefit from pre-call information. If a customer with an outstanding invoice calls, you can use this pre-call information to direct their call to the accounts department to settle the invoice. You could even display order history from their record to see if they're a high value customer.

Integrate your telephone system and database with Commsplus

4. Ease of use

Having database integration on your telephone system makes it easier to use. Employees that work on their computer don't need to worry about dialling numbers as they can dial from right within the customers record. They can also answer a call with the click of a button.

Screen popping enables quick answering/transferring/holding of a call. This makes gives you more control of your telephone system and greatly improves workflow and usability of your telecommunications.

5. Automation

From time saving comes automation. You can automate call history storage within your customer records. When a customer calls, the database will automatically add a note of that call to their record. This enabled you to keep an automatic and comprehensive call log for each customer.

With a telephone system from Commsplus, you can even automatically add a link to the call recording for each call. This allows you to not only keep an automatic log of your customer's calls, but keep recordings to accompany the call log.

What databases can I integrate with?

Our Mitel telephone system integrates with most of the well-known and widely used databases. These include:

  • Emis
  • SwiftPage
  • Sage
  • SuperOffice
  • GoldMine
  • And more...

For more information about database integration or to find out how upgrading your telephone system can benefit your business, please get in touch.

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