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3 Ways Businesses can save money with a Hosted Telephone System
March 1, 2019

Here's our three top tips for how your business can save money and reduce running costs with a hosted telephone system.

Hosted telephone systems are a great way for businesses to save money. They can dramatically reduce your running costs by removing the need for on-site hardware. Hosted telephony, often referred to as 'hosted voice' uses a cloud platform to control your telephone system.

What is a hosted telephone system?

Hosted voice is, in essence, a telephone system in the cloud. A traditional PBX is a 'box on the wall' telephone system that many businesses use to route and control their calls. However, a cloud telephone system does not require a 'box on the wall'.

Hosted voice uses advanced cloud-based communications to deliver the same call control and routing, without on site hardware. Hosted is a great investment for smaller businesses with up to 10 extensions as it can help reduce their costs in the three following ways:

1. Upgrade your system

By upgrading your business telephone system to a Commsplus hosted voice solution, you can reduce your costs. Instead of leasing and funding on site hardware, your telephone system is in the cloud. This can greatly reduce your costs as it removes the need for this hardware.

You may also find that a hosted telephone system offers the same, if not more features than a traditional PBX. Features such as call recording, call logging, conferencing and instant messaging are all available with a hosted voice solution from Commsplus.

Mitel 6869i
Mitel 6869i

2. Handset costs

We all love having shiny handsets on our desks. Because of the cost savings of cloud telephony, your business can benefit from these modern handsets. With Commsplus, all your handset costs can be spread over the contract term - into simple monthly payments.

With our hosted voice solution, you can even reduce handset costs further by using your mobile as your deskphone. Our hosted voice platform comes with both Android and iOS apps that enable you to take your telephone system wherever you go.

3. Low maintenance costs

Because hosted voice does not require an onsite PBX. it can help reduce telephony maintenance costs. Commsplus offer exceptional in-house support with our hosted voice solution, ensuring your peace of mind.

The benefit of a hosted voice solution is that alsmot every fault can be rectified remotely - saving time and money for your business. Just give our support team a call and they'll be happy to help.

The limitations of Hosted Voice

Whilst a hosted telephone system does come with a world of benefits, it does have some limitations. The main being volume. If your business relies heavily on telephony or if you have more than 10 extensions, then a hosted telephone system may not be for you.

Hosted telephone systems also require a fibre broadband connection to work coherently. Businesses with less than optimal broadband speed may find that a PBX is a better fit to their requirements.

If you'd like to chat about hosted voice, please give our team a call on 01934 882200 or email us at

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