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Telephone Systems for Hotels

In-room telephones and hospitality integration.

In room phones.

Keep each guest connected with an in-room telephone.

Used for room service, contacting reception, wake up calls and more, an in room telephone can be a handy amenity for your guests.

Hotel telephone systems.

With one centralised system, you can reduce costs.

Have all your extensions and in room telephones linked to your centralised telephone system.

Key Features for Hotels.

Ease of use

Out phone systems are so intuitive and easy to use - saving reception staff valuable time when on the phone.

Quick tansfer

Transfer the call to the relevant department at the push of a button to get callers to the department they need.


Our engineers are tidy, efficient and highly trained. They'll even talk you through your system before they go.

Separate extensions

Your bar, reception, office or kitchen can have an individual extension to minimise queuing and improve caller's experience.

Cordless IP

Give ground staff cordless IP handsets that work anywhere on the premises. So they can always be contacted.

Call recording

Our GDPR compliant call recording allows staff to refer back to conversations with guests for confirmation or requests.

Exceptional support

Commsplus offer exceptional 7 day cover to hotels to ensure that your telecoms are always connected.

Room status

Have cleaning staff dial a code to let the reception staff know that the room is ready or needs to be cleaned.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery ensures that your telephone system has a backup if a fault occurs - to minimise downtime.

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Why choose us?

We've been working with hotels for over 30 years.

Our approach.

Whether it's a small system for your reception and bar staff or a big solution with individual in-room telephones, our business telephone systems are right for the job.

With friendly, helpful staff and "the best" in house support desk, your hotel's new telephone system will be a great investment. Our engineers are efficient, tidy and highly trained to ensure installation goes smoothly.

Your new system will be bespoke and built for your requirements. We'll always strive to provide the best customer service and most reliable and cost effective solution possible.

Your new system.

We've been working with hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector for over 30 years now. We work with many well known hotels, such as Rookery Manor and Wookey Hole Hotel to provide a unified and robust communications solution.

Your account will be managed by our dedicated account management team, who will do regular reviews to ensure you're getting the best deal.

We also offer broadband and Wi-Fi to accompany your telephone system, helping to unify your communications 'under one roof'.

Our Handsets

Suite or bedroom telephones, built for your hotel.

VTech S2211 hotel phoneVTech s2310 hotel phoneVTech s2312 hotel phone
VTech Handsets for your hotel rooms.

The VTech handset range is specifically designed for businesses in the hospitality sector.

With anti-bacterial plastic, sleek designs, and low purchase cost; these handsets are perfect for your hotel's bedrooms. They enable guests to seamlessly dial 10, 5 or 3 separate speed dials - preprogrammed by you and tailored to your hotel's facilities.

The VTech handsets come with built-in hospitality features such as configurable buttons, LED line indicators and even a place to put the phones room number.

These VTech phones are available in both SIP and analogue configurations - to fit your system.

FAQ: Got a question?

Here's the most frequently asked questions from hotels.

Of course, just let us know how you would like to expand and we can sort that out for you.

Our telephone systems have built in Voicemail capability. We even go one step further - you can have your Voicemail's automatically emailed to you in a .WAV format for you to listen back to later.

Yes you can. Call recordings are available via a password protected web portal. Just add and remove users or change their access rights to control what they can listen back to.

Night mode can be setup based on your requirements. At the push of a button you can reconfigure certain parts of your system to adjust to night mode.

Our systems are very secure. Offering built in telephone firewalls, IP whitelisting and hardware level, integrated security features as well as intruder detection.

Hotel case studies.

Have a look at what we've done in the past.

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