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3 Great Features of a Mitel Telephone System
February 27, 2019

Here's 3 great features of our Mitel telephone systems and how they can benefit your business.

Mitel have been a leading player in the telephony market for many years, manufacturing and producing some of the highest quality and most robust telephone systems for small businesses, SME's and enterprises.

Their business telephone systems offer a comprehensive suite of features that enable businesses of any size to improve their workflow and offer a better 'over the phone' experience to clients and prospects.

Feature 1: Screen Popping

Our first feature of the Mitel business telephone system is 'screen popping'. Screen popping allows your employees to see who is calling before they answer the call. It does this by integrating with your in-house database.

By pulling phone numbers from your database, the Mitel telephone system can display a small 'popup' on your computer screen, giving you a snapshot of information before you pick up the call.

Mitel screen popping window
Mitel screen popping

Employees can use this information to personalise their call and provide a great over the phone experience to your clients. The screen popping feature can display more than just a name. You can configure your popup to display their phone number, location and even an image.

Not only does the popup display crucial information about the caller, but you can also configure the popup to look different depending on information from your database. For example, if one of your top spending clients call up, you can configure the background colour of the popup to be red - alerting your staff that the caller is of high value to the business.

You may also want to configure the popup so that, if a caller has any unpaid invoices, your staff know and can transfer them straight to your accounts team.

The screen popping features of the Mitel business telephone system can greatly improve the workflow of a business - particularly during high call periods. It can save your staff vital time in searching through records and allow them to offer exceptional, and personal over the phone experiences to your customers.

Feature 2: Wallboards

The Mitel business telephone system comes with wallboard capabilities. Many businesses take advantage of the ability to display their live call statistics on a large screen.

Mitel telephone system wallboard
Mitel wallboard

Wallboards are customisable screens that can be configured to display all kinds of information - from number of calls made today, to calls waiting and event appointments made. This vital information is displayed clearly for all to see, allowing your staff to check their performance against KPIs.

Our Mitel wallboards also come with the ability to add media tiles to your screen. Media tiles can include YouTube videos, photos and even live video streams such as BBC news. You can also add a scrolling ticker tape displaying custom information.

The wallboards are totally customisable - all editable from your computer. You can change the colours, size, information, add logos and more with ease.

One other great feature of our telephone system wallboards is the ability to add alerts to specific KPIs. For example, if your team is targeted with answering a call within 45 seconds, you can configure your wallboard to flash the 'call waiting' tile when the time reaches 25 seconds. You can even add an alert alarm sound when it gets to 35 seconds - ensuring that your employees never miss those all important KPIs.

Feature 3: Mobile

The third and final feature for today is the built in mobile capabilities that come with the Mitel telephone system. Mitel is renowned worldwide for its mobile integration - combining the portability of smartphones with the might of a telephone system.

Mitel telephone system with iPhone
Mitel & smartphone integration

With a Mitel business telephone system from Commsplus, you can seamlessly link your mobile with your smartphone using Mitel's built in feature 'MobileLink'. This allows your employees to take your phone system with them - wherever they go.

Built for the modern age of home and on the road working, the mobile integration of the Mitel telephone system creates a unified telephony environment for all your employees, whether they're in the office, or out and about.

Just download the Mitel app and link it with your system. From there, you can call people using extension, change your status, instant message people, make, transfer and revive calls - all right from your smartphone. It work effortlessly with both Androids and iPhones.

This mobile integration enables your business to stay connected with customers - no matter when you are. If a client calls, you can ensure that they can get through to the required member of staff, even if they're not in the office. Your telephone system becomes more portable than ever.

For more information about our Mitel business telephone systems, please get in touch with us on 01934 882200 or email us at

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