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Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ for Business
March 14, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are now available for your business.

The brand new S10 and S10+ is available to buy for your business from Commsplus Mobile. With the latest features, a stunning display and a three rear cameras; the Samsung S10 & S10+ are ideal for businesses on-the-go.

The Samsung S10 & S10+ are feature rich. As the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S10 has some big boots to fill - and it does not disappoint

Samsung S10 performance
The Samsung Galaxy S10 offers great performance.

The Galaxy S10's Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ offers next level performance. Featuring a Spandragon 855 processor and an 8-core CPU, the S10 is a powerful machine. The S10 is up to 30% faster that it's predecessor, the S9 and comes with up to 12GB of RAM.

The S10 has set the 2019 mobile smartphone bench mark early doors with its supreme power and feature rich user experience. Samsung have pushed the boat out with the internal's of the S10 and it shows.

The Galaxy S10's Battery

Samsung galaxy s10 reverse wireless charging
Samsung S10 reverse wireless charging.

The battery on the S10 and S10+ comes with a new feature, a first for Samsung, reverse wireless charging. Reverse wireless charging allows the user to charge other wireless charging phones or accessories.

The wireless capabilities, coupled with the Samsung S10+'s massive 4100 mAh battery (3400 mAh on the S10) means that battery life isn't an issue with this new flagship. Samsung have even built in smart battery management - a feature that controls how much power the phone uses as it works.

Dual SIMs with the Galaxy S10

You can use the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ for business, and for pleasure. With the S10, you have the ability to have two separate SIM cards in the phone at any one time.

This allows for dual phone numbers, one for personal use and one for business. This feature makes the Samsung S10 and S10+ one of the most versatile phones on the market - able to adjust to your ever-changing business and personal requirements.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

The feature set of the Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ is extensive, but here's our top selection of the features:

  • Dual SIM functionality
  • AMOLED Screen
  • Under-display fingerprint scanner
  • Ultra-wide selfie camera
  • Triple rear camera
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • 4100 mAh battery
  • Superfast charging
  • Samsungs latest 'Infinity-O' display
  • 4K 60fps video
  • Micro SD explandable storage
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Gorilla Glass 6 screen

Benefits to your business

The Galaxy range has been Samsung's flagship for many years, and it is clear to see why. The feature-packed S10 is ideal for business use. It offer business users dual SIM slots for there home and business use and an expandable memory slot for a micro SD card to ensure you can store everything you need to while on the road.

The display on the Samsung S10 & S10+ is one of the most gorgeous and vibrant displayed ever. Meaning that not only do your home videos look gorgeous, but your business workflow is sharp, crisp and easy. All powered by the Snapdragon 855 to give you optimal performance and keep your business workflow streamlined and efficient.

Get the Samsung S10 or S10+ for your business by contacting us on 01934 882202 or emailing us at

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