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Swansea to benefit from full fibre internet
December 6, 2018

Swansea has been named as the second city in Wales to receive an upgrade to full fibre (FTTP) internet connectivity.

As the UK moves towards it's future of a nationwide full fibre network, Swansea, Wales, has become the latest city to benefit from the upgrade to fibre to the premises connectivity. 'Full fibre', fibre to the premises, FTTP or FTTH as it is commonly referred to, is a method of connecting premises to the UK's broadband network using ONLY fibre cable. That means a fibre connection runs from the telephone exchange, right to your front door, rather than relying on a copper cable for the last portion of the trip. A full fibre connection can increase speeds up to 1Gbps, 24x faster than the average UK broadband speed.

Recently, Openreach - the UK's network provider - announced that they would be switching off ISDN in 2025 and that they planned to have every business and home on a 'full fibre' connection by this time. The first city in Wales to get the upgrade to a full fibre connection was Cardiff. In February earlier this year (2018), Openreach announced plans to move 3 million homes and businesses to a full fibre connection by 2020 in their 'fibre first' programme.

After a successful start to the upgrade plans, Swansea has been added to the list of UK cities to receive an upgrade. Businesses and homes in the SA1, SA2 and SA5 postcodes will be the first in line to benefit from this increase speed. Businesses in Swansea can increase their productivity by upping their broadband speed. In fact, 40% of UK employees say that broadband is the biggest time waster at work - ahead of having a slow computer or having unreliable software. This move to full fibre is a massive boost to business productivity and home working across Swansea.

When speaking to Openreach, Rob Stewart, Swansea City Council Leader said,

“This investment by Openreach in Swansea will provide us with the best internet connectivity possible and enable companies to turbo charge their business opportunities.

“The roll-out of ultrafast broadband across the city will prepare Swansea for the future, provide the right conditions for our businesses to thrive and support our economy.”

Be sure to check whether your business can benefit from increased speeds and better, stronger, internet connectivity by getting in touch with our friendly team on 01934 882200. They'll be able to check the fibre availability in your area and have a no obligations chat about your broadband. Or, you can always visit the contact us page to drop us a line.

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