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5 Features of the Mitel Telephone System for Small Businesses
March 19, 2019

Here are 5 great features of the Mitel business telephone system that can benefit small businesses.

The Mitel MiVoice telephone system is one of the best small business telephone systems in the market today. Combining high quality calls with its feature rich environment, the Mitel business telephone system is ideal for small businesses looking to improve or upgrade their telecoms.

In this feature, we look at the top 5 features that the Mitel business telephone system can offer to small businesses and how these features can help streamline your business.

1. Auto attendant

Auto attendant is a great feature of business telephone systems for small businesses. Auto attendant enables you to streamline your workflow and your telephony environment by offering callers a menu when they ring your business.

For example, a caller can be presented with a customisable menu such as: "press1 for sales, press 2 for accounts or press 3 for support". This feature enables small businesses to offer their clients superior over-the-phone service by directing them to the relevant department quickly and minimising the time they spend in call queues.

The Mitel telephone system offers small businesses the opportunity to improve their communications with clients and prospects.

2. VoIP Telephone system

VoIP Telephone systems are the most modern form of business telephony and communication. VoIP providers, including Commsplus, across the UK and integrating a business VoIP solution into their small business telephone systems.

These VoIP telephone systems for small businesses enable free calling between multi-sites as well as reduced running costs for your business. SIP Trunks & VoIP use your broadband to make and receive your voice calls - significantly reducing your running costs.

3. Mobile integration

Small businesses can also take advantage of Mitel's built in mobile integration. By linking your mobile with your telephone system, you can take the office with you, wherever you go.

The Mitel small business telephone system offers features such as call hand off, instant messaging, contact directory and status indication right from within the mobile app. This allows your small business to stay connected when out and about.

4. Time-based call routing

We know how important prospect calls are to your business. Our small business telephone systems offer 'time-based call routing' that controls how your calls are directed based on the time of day.

You can let callers know that you're closed, and direct them straight to voicemail or even to your mobile for out of office hours to ensure your never lose those important prospects.

Time based routing can also offer a different auto attendant menu to callers - giving them more appropriate options for the time of day and ensuring that you offer your clients a great over-the-phone experience.The time based call routing is built right into the Mitel feature set and is ideal for small businesses.

5. Call recording

Call recording is nothing new, we've all heard of telephone systems that record incoming and outgoing calls. But our Mitel telephone systems offer small businesses a GDPR compliant, fully customisable call recorder.

The call recorder is portal-based, enabling you to look back and view all your recordings. You can even set permissions for specific members of your staff and highlight, email and remove recordings. All of the recordings are 256-bit encrypted and fully secure.

The Mitel telephone system is ideal for small businesses. Offering a wide range of features that can help small businesses offer great over the phone service to their customers and prospects as well as a secure and robust telephony communications infrastructure.

For more information about our telephone systems for small businesses, please visit our small business telephone system page, email us at or call us on 01934 882200

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