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Telecoms: 2019 & Future - Infographic
June 4, 2019

Here is an infographic showing telecoms in 2019 and what we expect the future to be.

Telecoms is one the fastest growing, fastest changing industries around.

In 2019, the telephony industry has taken a drastic change, from 5G to VOIP and Machine 2 Machine.

If anything takes your interest, you can read more detail's below this infographic.

Here is out infographic showing the changes that we expect to see in the future.

Telecoms in 2019 and the future infographic

We've extensively researched each of these predictions, so lets jump into the detail for you.

100% Of all new voice connections will be VoIP by 2025.

Yep - it's happening. We predict that 100% of all new voice connections will be using the VoIP protocol by 2025.

Why? Well, because in 2025, the UK will switch off it's ISDN network. This means that businesses using ISDN may suffer. However, Openreach have announced that they will consult telecom provider (like Commsplus) before switching off the Network, to ensure that no customer is left in the dark.

Openreach also say that “We’re launching this consultation because we’re committed to play a leading role in helping the industry move from analogue to digital products by 2025."

So, in short - Upgrading to VoIP is a good idea, as it prepares you for this switch off.

Learn more about VoIP here.

The rollout of 5G

As of the publishing of this Blog, only 6 cities have 5G. However, EE are working to release 5G in the 10 other major UK cities, including:

  • Bristol
  • Coventry
  • Glasgow
  • Hull
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield

EE have also confirmed that they plan to bring 5G to other sites, switching on 100 per month, including a further 10 cities, taking the total number to 26 by 2020.

Read our blog: The rollout of 5G in 2019.

UK Average broadband speed

According to a study by, the average speed of broadband in the UK is: 27.493 Mbps Download and 5.39 Mbps Upload.

Using this study, and growth rate, our Lines & Networks Co-Ordinator predicted that the average speed will have risen above the 50Mbps limit within 5 years. This is also, in part, due to Openreach switching off the ISDN network, and therefore premises to be on a fibre broadband connection.

Learn more about the different types of fixed line connectivity here.

50% Hosted PBX vs On-Premise split

Our sales team are currently experiencing orders that are split 40%-60% in favour of the 'on premise PBX'.

However, we estimate that by 2025 (or even sooner perhaps) half of all telephony solutions sold will be an off-premise, cloud hosted telephone system.

Ofcoms 2018 "Communications Market" report also details more about the hosted vs on-premise split.

Read our blog: Hosted vs PBX

Machine 2 Machine connections

It's a bold estimate to say that the number of machine 2 machine (M2M) connections will double in only a few years.

But that's the truth behind the growth of the Internet Of Things. According to a Statista, the number of global m2m connections is growing exponentially, roughly set to double every three years.

Why? Because Machine 2 Machine can dramatically reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

Read our blog: 7 Industrial Applications of Machine 2 Machine

The plan for full fibre

In 2017, the UK Government successfully achieved it's aim for providing 95% of the UK with 24Mbps download speed.

However, the Government has also pledged millions to rollout 'full fibre' or FTTP, to homes and business across the country. This is all working towards their aim to provide 15 million homes and businesses with FTTP by 2025.

This fibre plan, and the large budget associated with it, has enabled more businesses than ever before to benefit from a superfast FTTP connection - and we're excited about the future of fibre.

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