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5 Ways Estate Agents can Benefit from a Hosted Telephone System
May 14, 2019

Here are 5 great ways that your estate agency can benefit from a hosted phone system.

Hosted phone systems are a modern alternative to traditional 'on-the-wall' phone system.

Our hosted telephone systems use the cloud to provide your estate agency with a unified communications environment.

Read our blog: Hosted telecoms vs on-premise PBX

Cloud telephony is often cheaper than traditional PBX telephone systems, and brings with it a world of benefits for estate agents.

Here is out top 5 benefits of a hosted telephone system for estate agents:

1. Connect mobiles when out and about

With our cloud hosted platform, your employees can connect to your phone system with their mobiles.

Our hosted telephone system comes with an app, available on both the App Store and Play Store, that allows your staff to directly connect to, manage and use your phone system, wherever they are.

This is an incredibly helpful feature for busy agents who attend multiple viewings and valuations throughout the day.

The mobile app allows you to remotely change your status to 'available' 'out of office' or 'do not disturb'.

It allows has a built in chat feature and voicemail options too - helping staff improve their mobile workflow.

Why not pair the app with our business mobile solutions to bring all of your estate agencies communications under one roof.

2. Outlook integration

Our hosted telephone system will integrate with your Microsoft Outlook account, unlocking even more features.

Our intelligent cloud phone system will automatically adjust your profile if it can see from your calendar that you're on a valuation/viewing or if you have a day off.

The hosted platform can then automatically reroute calls to the office hunt group  - meaning that you never lose out on important calls.

It can also be rerouted to voicemail if required.

This integration improves your estate agencies workflow, by cutting out the unnecessary status switching and scheduling.

3. Free VoIP calls between offices

With Commsplus, your estate agency can benefit from free VoIP calls between your premises.

By upgrading to VoIP, your line costs can be dramatically reduced as the requirement for multiple telephone lines is removed. This reduces costs and enables free inter-site calling.

This feature is ideal for estate agencies with several offices as calls made between your estate agencies will be completely free using Commsplus VoIP and your hosted telephone system.

VoIP calling
Free VoIP calls between your offices.

4. Cost-effective call bundles

We know how important sales chasing is to estate agents. Contact vendors and buyers is an important part in the day to day running of an estate agency.

That is why we bundle call minutes into our hosted plans. With Commsplus, your estate agency can benefit from free calls to local, national and mobile numbers all year round.

This helps reduce your running costs and allows staff to chase the sales chains, catch up with vendors and organise buyers without worrying about call time.

We bundles minutes with individual licences, meaning that part time staff could have less minutes per month than full time staff - helping you, once again, reduce costs.

5. Call recording

Estate agencies deal with a lot of people throughout the day - so call recording is a vital asset.

Our hosted telephone system comes with built in call recording software, helping to keep your agency protected against any misunderstandings.

Our call recording is also PCI-DSS/FCS compliant, to ensure you're fully covered. Call recordings are accessed via the intuitive online portal and can be permission based if required.

So there you have it, five of the ways that your estate agency could benefit from a hosted telephone system.

For more information about the benefits of a hosted telephone system for estate agencies, please visit: Hosted telephone system

For a free, no obligations chat about your telecoms, please give us a call on 01934 882200 or email

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