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Does VoIP Slow Down your Internet Connection?
April 11, 2019

We often get asked by customers if upgrading to SIP and VoIP will slow down their internet connection.

There are many misconceptions about VoIP and how it affects a business environment. As one of the leading telecom providers in the South West, we often get asked questions about how VoIP affects businesses, what impact it has and if it's really worth upgrading?

Does VoIP affect your Internet connection?

Well, yes and no. VoIP uses your businesses broadband/internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. Businesses with a 'decent' internet connection shouldn't be affected by upgrading to VoIP.

If your business has a fibre connection (from about 32mbps), then VoIP should not be an issue for you. Typically, an hour long VoIP call uses less bandwidth than an hour of internet browsing, meaning that businesses with a fibre to the cabinet connection can support a VoIP upgrade.

However, if you suffer from poor broadband or slow internet connectivity, VoIP may not be a good option for you. Download speeds less than 28Mbps can mean that VoIP calls are unreliable or of poor quality.

Although, if a VoIP upgrade is something your business is interested in, FTTC, FTTP or leased line upgrades are also available to accommodate your new VoIP solution. You can learn more about what fixed line connectivity solutions are best for your business here.

Fixed line broadband connectivity diagram
VoIP can be impacted by the type of connectivity you have

What if I don't have fibre?

If your business doesn't have a fibre connection, then VoIP may not be the best option. However, with Commsplus, you can upgrade both your voice and your internet connectivity. As a registered internet and line service provider, your telephony is in safe hands.

If your business is looking to upgrade to VoIP, then upgrading your broadband at the same time is a worthwhile investment. It helps future-proof your businesses' communications and safeguard your telecoms investment for the foreseeable future.

Fibre connections bring the key to high-quality VoIP. Delivering fast speeds to businesses and enabling those who take advantage of VoIP to benefit from high quality, reliable communications.

Is it worth upgrading to VoIP?

It has never been a better time to upgrade to VoIP. ISDN is set to switch off in 2025, meaning that all businesses need to be on a VoIP system by then. As we get closer to that date, you should consider preparing your business for a VoIP environment.

VoIP is also a great cost-saving measure for businesses. If you've got multiple sites, you can benefit from free calls between these locations with VoIP.

Because VoIP uses your broadband line for telephone calls, it can also reduce your running costs by eliminating the requirement for multiple costly telephone lines.

VoIP also offers higher call quality when compared to traditional ISDN circuits. Especially businesses with a strong, reliable broadband connection, will see an increase in call quality after upgrading to a Commsplus VoIP solution.

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