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What is the Best Phone System for GP Surgeries?
May 23, 2019

What is the Best Phone System for your Doctors Surgery or GP Practice?

In this article, we'll explore of three different telephone systems and their benefits for GP surgeries.

We also answer the question: What is the best system for GP surgeries?

1. Mitel Phone System for GP Practices

Mitel have long been a leading brand of business telephone systems. Their versatility, scalability and robust core makes is a strong contender to be crowned 'the best phone system for GP surgeries.'

Benefits of Mitel

The number one benefit of the Mitel phone system to GP surgeries is Emis integration. Emis integration connects your Mitel phone system to your Emis software, enabling features such as screen popping, patient record popping and click-to-dial. Doctor's surgeries can use this integration to streamline their workflow and better their receptionists time management.

Another benefit of the Mitel is its scalability. Our Mitel telephone systems can be easily configured to grown in-line with your surgery, ensuing that your telephony meets your immediate, and long-term requirements.

Limitations of Mitel

An example of a limitation for the Mitel is its premium handsets. These handsets, known as the 6900 series, are the flagship Mitel deskphones - and they can be more expensive than the Samsung alternative. However, this limitation is easily overcome as the Mitel also offers a large range of cheaper handsets, which have all the same features packed in.

Learn more about the Mitel phone system

2. Samsung Phone System

Samsung is a long-standing player in the telecommunications market. Samsung have an established, well-rounded solution that could make it the best telephone system for you GP practice.

Benefits of Samsung

The main benefit of a Samsung solution is it's robust-ness. The Samsung OfficeServ communication solution provides GP surgeries with one of the most reliable, robust platforms on the market. This is a vital feature for Doctors surgeries, who rely heavily on their communications. Knowing your system is reliable can put your mind at rest. Samsung also has a 'virtual receptionist' software, that can help imporve surgeries time management.

Another benefit to the Samsung phone system is our support. As a Samsung Platinum Partner, Commsplus engineers are trained to the highest level, by Samsung themselves, to ensure that your surgery receives the best possible after-care and support for your phone system.

Limitations of Samsung

Unlike the Mitel, Samsung does not have a direct integration with Emis software. Whilst we know how important Emis is to doctors surgeries and GP practices, Samsung phone systems do have a software called Samsung Exchange. Exchange provides your surgery with integration and a mobile client to keep you connected.

Learn more about the Samsung phone system

3. Cloud Hosted Phone System

Cloud hosted telephony is the 'new kid on the block' but is quickly being adapted to suit all types and sizes of businesses. Hosted voice uses the cloud (instead of a 'box-on-the-wall') to make and receive your telephone calls.

Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

The number one benefit that hosted telephony brings to doctors surgeries is its low cost. By removing the need for a physical telephone system to be installed, you can reduce your install costs. Hosted voice is billed on a 'per-licence, per-month' basis, so you just pay one monthly fee for your telephony.

Another benefit of a hosted telephone system is the flexibility. Because of the 'per-licence' method for delivering hosted, you can easily add more licenses to your system. You can configure them on the online portal and even add bolt-ons (such as call recording) to these individual licences, making it a truly bespoke solution.

Limitations of a Hosted Phone System

The main limitation of a hosted voice solution is that it requires a very good internet connection. Hosted voice uses VoIP to make and receive your telephone calls. This means that your surgery needs a strong, reliable broadband connection (at least fibre to the cabinet) to provide the voice clarity and call volume that is demanded by your busy surgery.

This limitation, also coincides with the issue of 'robust-ness'. Whilst our hosted telephone system is robust, it are not as dependable, or reliable as a Mitel or Samsung system. This is because of its reliance on cloud technology, rather than a physical system. We know how much doctors and GP's rely on their telephony, that, coupled with the heavy work-load associated with a GP practice, is why we do not recommend a hosted solution for a doctors surgery.

What is the Best Phone System for GP Surgeries?

So, to answer the question: The best phone system for GP surgeries is the Mitel phone system. The Mitel's flexibility and strength give it an edge over its competitors and enable it to provide your GP surgery with a robust, flexible communications infrastructure that is both dependable and feature-rich.

We've also picked the Mitel because of its integration and mobility features. We know how vital Emis integration is to surgeries, and this feature is available with a Commsplus Mitel phone system. You can also use the Mitel mobile app to provide doctors and GPs with wireless mobile communications on their tablet or smartphone.

For more information about our healthcare solutions, visit our page: Phone Systems for GP Surgeries & Doctors Practices

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