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Why is Cloud Communication Important?
February 14, 2019

Cloud communication is the latest market trend. But what is it and why is it so important?

Cloud communications are the latest trend in the telecoms market, offering businesses a feature rich communications solution but with increased flexibility and a mobile-optimised workflow. But why are cloud communications so important?

Cloud comms are important because they mark a change.

The telecoms market has always relied on the 'traditional' on site PBX. Typically, a business would invest in a 'box on the wall' phone system to run their communications. But now, the whole telephony environment is changing as the cloud comes into full force.

On site premises have been around for years. But as the cloud perpetrates into the telecoms market, it marks a big change for how communications are delivered. This change to cloud based comms is forcing innovation and brings with it a wave of benefits.

Cost Benefits

Cloud communications are important because they can help reduce your businesses running costs. Traditional on site hardware can be costly, especially for businesses with under 10 users; whereas cloud communications offer a low monthly cost per user.

Having a single monthly cost per user means that a businesses telephony costs can be reduced. It also demonstrates how important the move from on site hardware is for smaller businesses across the UK, showing us how important cloud communications are becoming.

Productivity Benefits

Alongside the cost saving benefits of cloud telephony comes the productivity benefits. Cloud communications are important because they offer businesses fantastic feature sets at a low monthly cost. These feature sets are helping small businesses save time.

Features include: A mobile app, an online portal, call handling, multi-site and more. Small businesses can use these features to create a smooth and productive workflow. This further demonstrates the importance of cloud based communications.

Business smartphones on a table
Cloud communications enable mobile friendly working.

Flexibility Benefits

Cloud communications are very flexible. With a 'plug and play' install and the ability to add new users as your business grows, the importance for cloud communications becomes apparent, especially for small or start-up businesses.

Naturally, not having a 'box on the wall' allows easy provisioning and changes to your communications via the intuitive web portal. The importance of cloud communications is highlighted by this flexibility.

In summary, cloud communications are important because they show a change in the telecommunications market as well as a cost, productivity and flexibility benefits for small businesses. Cloud communications are helping shape and engineer the future of business communications and can be a great investment to help future proof your business telephony.

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