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5 Benefits of 5G For Businesses
May 7, 2019

Here is our top 5 benefits of 5G for businesses.

The future of 5G is an exciting one - with speeds of up to 1Gbps, 5G offers a significant increase when compared to 4G speeds

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Although 5G is still in it's early development and rollout stages, the UK's main networks are working hard to rollout 5G across the UK.

Whilst 5G offers consumers fantastic speeds, what benefits does it bring to businesses?

1. Automation

Businesses could benefit from increased automation using a 5G network.

This is a great benefit for manufacturing or industrial businesses who may be able to automate certain parts of their production line.

Robotics and automated machines can use 5G to communicate to one another using the Internet of Things (IoT). This is called Machine 2 Machine communication.

M2M is not a new concept and businesses across the UK are already benefitting from the cost savings and reliability of 4G Machine 2 Machine automation, including Prolectric Services Ltd.

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2. Enhanced Communication

Another benefit of 5G for businesses is better 'on the road' communications.

Many businesses have staff that are out and about on a daily basis.

With 5G, these staff members could easily work from wherever they are in the UK - taking their communications with them.

The main benefit of 5G is the speed. Higher speeds of 1Gbps allows remote staff to easily upload, download and communicate with head office, without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

Although 4G does already support this kind of mobile working, it can be slow and this may lead to poor productivity and stifled workflow for remote workers. 5G aims to remove latency and increase speeds for seamless mobile working.

3. Higher Quality VoIP

Another benefit of 5G for businesses is higher quality Voice over IP communication.

VoIP is a modern communication standard that uses the internet (whether that is fixed line or mobile internet) to make and receive voice calls.

It is currently quite difficult for businesses to rely on VoIP for their mobile workers, as poor 4G speeds or signal can impede on these voice calls; this is not the case with 5G.

Because 5G offers much higher speeds than 4G, it dramatically reduces latency and improves VoIP speech quality. This means that employees who rely on mobile communication to stay in touch with the office can stay connected using high quality VoIP communication.

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4. Remote Working

Similarly to 'Enhanced Communication', remote working enables your mobile staff to stay connected while out on the road.

With a telephone system from Commsplus, you can connect your business mobiles to your phone system. Currently, mobile users have to rely on 4G LTE communications.

Whilst 4G is adequate for most businesses, 5G will dramatically improve these remote working conditions, enabling businesses and staff to maintain fast, efficient communications across the board with almost no latency.

5. Rural Connectivity Innovation

5G May be able to provide businesses in rural locations with very fast and reliable broadband connectivity.

Many rural businesses across the UK, especially in the South West, suffer from poor speeds or unreliable broadband connectivity.

Fixed lines bring slow speeds and often, fibre is unavailable to these businesses, so there is nothing they can do about their slower speeds. However, 5G is set to change that.

Businesses 'out in the sticks' could, theoretically, utilise a new 5G network to improve their businesses fixed line connectivity, streamline their workflow, and reduce broadband costs.

For more, read our post: 5G: The future of fixed line?

Benefits of 5G: Expert Analysis.

We asked Commsplus Mobile Director, Paul Astle, for his take on 5G and how it can benefit businesses.

When asked about the benefits of 5G for businesses, Paul said "5G is going to be a great revolution for mobile broadband connectivity. Naturally, with any technology upgrade comes benefits, but 5G is so dramatically better than 4G that the benefits are almost endless.

"I have many of my clients ask me about 5G and how it can benefit their business operations. I always tell them that the main benefit of 5G is operational efficiency. Although it is early days for 5G and it is not currently widely available, its prospect is exciting for all types of businesses."

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